TOP 10 of the Most Popular Fishing Accessories on Aliexpress

Fishing is for many people a way to relax, rest and spend time in the bosom of nature. It does not matter if you prefer fishing in undisturbed silence, with your buddy or taking part in a larger outdoor event. If you are angling professionally, you are probably familiar with the equipment. And if you’re a hobbyist, then you like to look for something special for your collection of rods and floats. We have found the most popular fishing accessories on Aliexpress, as usual at an affordable price and in most cases with free shipping.

1. Fishing tackle

angling toolboxThe hand-shaped pocket penknife has everything you need for a professional angler, including a knotter, pliers, tongs and sharpener. The price is $ 5.99 with free shipping.
– Easy to use tools are equipped with a zinger retractor, easily fits in your pocket
– Durable stainless steel construction, 4 in 1 construction combines easy-to-use tools in one device
– Non-slip handle (even with gloves or wet hands)
fishing toolbox

2. Foldable rod with reel

telescopic fishing rod

Pony mini fishing rod. Handy telescopic mini rod with a feather-shaped reel. The rod can easily be folded and always have it with you, in a variety of colors. The price is $5.29. To buy on Aliexpress.

3. Lure with hooks

bait with hooks aliexpress. Graded bait. Suitable for sea and fresh water. Below is the specification of this bait. Its price is $ 2.98.
– Length: 10 cm / 3.94 ”
– Weight: 20 g / 0.7oz
– Bionic 3.94 “6-segment bait for fish, three-dimensional, realistic eyes and identical body detail as real fish
– Realistic swimming stroke, S-swim movement at any speed
– Durable ABS material, odorless and environmentally friendly
– A lure with a broad focus on predatory fish such as perch, pike, roach, trout, etc.

4. Soft baits

soft baits aliexpressSoft lures in various colors. The cost of a set of 10 lures for Aliexpress is $ 0.44. A single lure is 5 cm long and weighs 0.7g.

5. Professional 3D lure

professional bait aliexpressProfessional 3D lure is strong and armed with hooks for pinning. Reflective, perfectly simulates fish skin making it more attractive for large fish. It has a high resistance to pulling and large and bright eyes. Each lure is packed in a nice box and is suitable for a gift. We have 9 colors to choose from. The price is $ 4.94 with a free delivery.

6. Carbon steel hooks

carbon steel hooks aliexpress 100 pieces of hooks with a hole. The hooks are made of high quality carbon steel. They can be purchased on Aliexpress in various sizes. The price for the set is $ 0.98.

7. Rubber grommets

silicone worm lure wobbler aliexpressRubber lure with long tail twister. Popular artificial lures are a good option for anglers and a frequent choice. A reasonable price is also encouraged to buy. 5 pieces of this rubber worm costs $ 1.03.

8. Fishing hooks for sea fishing

five aliexpress hooks

Specifically designed stainless steel hooks for sea fishing. The set consists of a string and 5 hooks allowing larger catches. Price depending on the size of the hook ranges from $ 0.24 to $ 0.36.

9. Fishing swivel

aliexpress fishing swivelHooks for fishing sets. It is characterized by good quality and solidity. Swivels made of high quality steel. Up to 6 sizes to choose from. The price varies from $ 0.99 to $ 1.99. There are 50 pieces in the package. Shipment from Aliexpress is free.

10. Fishing reel

reel fishing reel aliexpress
Solid fishing reel. Light, just right for a weekend angler who knows how to hit a large fish. Reinforced with a metal roller and equipped with 12 ball bearings ensures trouble-free fishing. The reel was made of high strength material, it is strong and durable. We can choose up to 9 models that differ in size. The price is from $ 7.99 to $ 19.50.

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