Kingdom Death Minis Recasts from China on Aliexpress

Kingdom Death Miniature recasts from China

KD “Distracted” Mini, masterfully painted

buy kingdom death miniatures

KD Dark Elf – stunningly painted, real eye-candy

Kingdom Death is a wonderful boardgame that combines wargaming, role-playing games and cooperative (or even solo) fun, where you’re trying to stem the tide of darkness, while building your colony of survivors in dark fantasy world. It’s very much “boutique” wargame, with exceptional production values and beatufiul minis like you won’t find anywhere else. Unfortunately, Kingdom Death was available only through kickstarter and also in some very limited sales, which makes it harder to get. Many minis are also released in limited series in 200 or 500 pieces, and that’s it – you can’t get it anywhere else, except maybe some rare and excessive eBay auctions, where you’d need to fork more than hundred USD for single limited mini.

Fortunately, here’s where our Chinese friends come into play. At Aliexpress (retail version of Alibaba) you can find great recasts and collect KD minis that are simply unavailable anymore and with free shipping worldwide and prices starting literally a $5. They’re a bit hidden though, so here they are – we collected the sellers (or so called “recasters”) that stock these incredible KD miniatures. Let’s see what you can get.

Kingdom Death Recasters

Resin Kits – Simply your best destination for all KD minis, as they are now hold sale where you can buy single figure for $4. This store is opened for more than 6 years, it has amazing range of miniatures and couple dozen of figures. They are hidden in “40K 40000” category, there is no Warhammer there though. Also check their other categories – they have stuff from Infinity and less known, but equally awesome model makers, including some from China that aren’t know in the west.

disciple of the witch kingdom death figure

Disciple of the witch…

kingdom death pinup

… and archivist are some of the pinups you can get from Resin Kits.

Lele’s Store is another store that I like very much. Lots of stuff in good prices (although there are no such good deals now as in Resin Store), its own KD category and other minis from Avatars of War (definitely check it out!). Additionaly, they sell some basing materials (like tiny leaves for dioramas and bases) and tools that are inexpensive and worth getting.

pinup kingdom death

Lele’s Store has its own KD pinup category

KNL Hobby Store No.2 – This stockist has lot of great stuff and not only KD but it’s more expensive. However they often make flash sales, so it’s worth to check it from time to time and see what they have. It’s 99,1% ratings makes it really reliable. Fast shipping (for Aliexpress) – my shipment from this store made it in literally 10 days. Kingdom Death stuff is included in “Building model kits – YUFAN” category along with other miniatures and busts, so check it out.

kingdom death store

As you can see above, they label entire category “Kingdom Death”, but there’s much more stuff than that, so just filter it out.


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