6 Most Beautiful Fabrics That You Can Get for Cheap

If you’re sewing, knitting or decorating and want to get the best fabrics, the number one destination is obviously Aliexpress. This big marketplace from China caters directly to westerners and offers incredibly low price and big selection of beautiful textiles. When ordering from Aliexpress, be aware that you’re usually getting free shipping worldwide, but at the expense of longer delivery time – orders can also take more than 2-3 weeks to get to your home address.

Here are the most popular fabrics you can get from Aliexpress, delivered by popular sellers and with high rating, at least 4.7/5. Starting from literally two bucks per lot, this is an excellent bargain, no matter if you’re hobbyist or professional that works with textiles for a living !

Beautiful Fabrics from China with free Aliexpress delivery


This is one of the most popular fabrics on Aliexpress, made from cotton. There are ten colors to choose from, and each set contains 7 sheets, sized 25 x 25 cm. Most importantly, it’s only $1.60 per lot with free shipping worldwide, no matter how much you buy, so it’s perfect for hobby projects.

floral textile aliexpress

Looking for bigger textile patches, with pastel, floral patterns? Pick this one. Currently on 50% sale for just $5.77, so it really is a great bargain! Seller SHUAN SHUO Fabric & Accessories Store also offers some additional coupons when buying in larger quantities and specializes in fabrics, so definitely worth browsing his collection.

textile aliexpress

Another fantastic looking textile lot, this time available in almost 50 patterns. Thousands of sellers bought it and gave it excellent rating of 4.8. Here are some reviews coming from buyers around the world: “The fabric is beautiful, dense, pleasant to the touch, the pattern is bright. “, “Beautiful quilting quality fabric at awesome prices!”, “I like the color and the fabric is very soft”. And it’s only $4.13 with free shipping worldwide!

gauze aliexpress

This colorful, shiny, translucent gauze shimmers like a rainbow and it’s really special fabric. You might think it might be expensive, however it’s about 2-3 bucks for 100 x 150 cm. It’s certainly not a natural fabric, and judging from the buyers comments it’s very soft and looks even better than on pictures.

faux leather aliexpress

Or maybe you’re looking for something like faux-leather for your hobby projects and want to get it really cheap? Pick this item, for $1.06 per 20 x 20 cm sheet, of course with free shipping worldwide. Seller Wild Berries also suggests to contact him if you’re looking for more pieces, as he offers a wholesale rebates.

flamingo fabric aliexpress

Finally, who doesn’t like happy flamingos? This printed fabric is suitable for bedding sets, home decoration, baby clothes and whatever else you can think of. Just $3.99 with free shipping worldwide!

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