“Physical” Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies from China

Bitcoin is a virtual cryptocurrency created by mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto that gained worldwide popularity thanks to its decentralized character and impressive profits from investments. It’s not physical or “fiat” currency, but Chinese always follow trends and created a “physical Bitcoins” that you can buy on Aliexpress for just a few dollars. These are obviously not real Bitcoins, but you could call it a “physical Bitcoins” or maybe “token Bitcoins” or even “counterfeit Bitcoins”. It’s a real irony that today the real thing is intangible, digital asset, a collection of 0’s and 1’s and the physical coin is just its imitation. We’re truly living in Digital Age!

Anyway, here’s our review of some of the “Bitcoins” (and more!) that you can buy on Aliexpress for just a few dollar, and on top of that, with free shipping worldwide. “Half Bitcoin”, “Bitcoin cent”, “Gold Bitcoin”? Not a problem for Chinese, they’ll manufacture everything!

Bitcoins from Aliexpress

Gold Bitcoin

bitcoin from China

bitcoin from China

We’ve named this gold Bitcoin, though this title should be in parentheses, because it’s not real Bitcoin nor real gold. According to seller, this coin was made from gold plated iron – unlikely, given that it’s just $1.27 per coin and you can buy it with free shipping. Anyway it looks quite cool, with design resembling some electrical circuits and of course B icon. Much cheaper than real thing thats for sure! 🙂

1 Bitcoin cent

bitcoin cent

bitcoin cent

There is no such thing as “Bitcoin cents”, but apparently Chinese devised one! You can buy this 1 Bitcoin cent for $2.48, that looks like it’s made from silver. It features some random letters (which should resemble Bitcoin address maybe?) and “Sol Noctis 2016” inscription, which is nonsense, because in Latin it means “Sun Night 2016” – typical Chinglish. On the reverse you’ll find American bald eagle.

A Bitcoin quarter

quarter bitcoin

quarter bitcoin

Full Bitcoin too much for you and you want to have some spare change in case you are buying new lambo (and surely soon 1 Bitcoin = 4 Lamborghinis)? Don’t worry, Chinese got you covered: they are selling 1/4th of Bitcoin in a form of this coin 40 mm coin made from unknown metal. We especially like its reverse side: there is some QR code (wonder if its real?), string of 0s and 1s and “Frigum Durum Argentum” inscription. And you now what this means in English? “DEATH METAL HARD” 😀 So cool! Just 3 bucks for this baby!

A 1/10th Bitcoin

1/10th Bitcoin

bitcoin china physical
And that’s not all, because you can buy one tenth of Titan Bitcoin in a form of “.999 fine copper coin”. But if it’s titan, then why it is made from copper? Only Confucius knows! 🙂 $2.28 per piece.

Silk Road Bitcoin

silk road Bitcoin

silk road bitcoin 2

Infamous Silk Road was closed by FBI, but apparently Chinese still use its currency. Who knows, maybe you can still pay with this Silk Road Bitcoin for Chinese counterfeit Viagra? Just watch for Feds when buying! 🙂

“Spartan Bitcoin”

spartan bitcoin

spartan bitcoin


THIS IS BITCOIN!! 🙂 $2.16 is nothing for a real spartan Bitcoin!

You can see even more of this “Chinese Bitcoins” on Aliexpress, so it seems there is quite a demand for this coins. Do you have your favorite “Bitcoin”? Let us know in comments!

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