Steampunk themed crafts and gear on a budget from Aliexpress

Steampunk is a very interesting literary, comic, video games and movie genre, with aestethic straight from 19th century industrial technology and fantasy or science fiction elements. It’s very popular in cosplayers circle and modern fashion gets many inspiration from this style. So if you are interested in Victorian-era costumes, metal cogs and of course – steam engines, look into Aliexpress. There are many cool items, including jewelry, clothing and accessories that you can find and buy cheap and with free shipping, directly from China, whether you’re a cosplayer or just a casual guy or gal who wants to add something to your style in this cool aesthetic.

Sexy corset with lace – it’s very popular and quite mainstream, so you can wear it easily not only at a cosplay event or party. Very nice quality, and reviewers are very satisfied. Only $16 USD and available also in blue and yellow,

sexy corset steampunk

Scorpion Necklace – it looks badass and will fit many steampunk styles. Less than $2 and available in several types.

scorpion necklace

Steampunk Welding Goggles – classic item for industrial look. Elastic band allows for easy fit. Only $3.59 USD.

steampunk welding goggles

Steampunk Necklace – heart shaped, with cogs. Only $3 with free worldwide, and if for some reasons you buy more than 5, you can get 10% off.

Steampunk Necklace

Bird Skull Ring – this Goth or Steampunk is full of character and “grimdarkness”. $2.15

Bird Skull Ring

Brown Corset – This corset is made from polyester and synthetic leather. Very sexy and available in S-XL sizes. It’s made by Chinese brand “Wechery” which has its own store on Aliexpress and is only 32$ with free shipping. Be sure to check other items made by them – you won’t be disappointed.

Brown Corset

Gasmask pendant – Postapocalyptic or steampunk pendant. $3 per piece.

gasmask pendant

DIY Pendant Cogs – if you are making your own steampunk jewelry, you will find this cogs very useful. You get 35 pieces for about $3.80, so you will have plenty of material to work with!

pendant cogs

Black Leather Corset – Looks classic and it’s made from synthetic leather. Only $11 to $15, depending on size!

synthetic leather corset