Gundam on Aliexpress: Big Robots, Small Prices!

gundam aliexpress

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f you want to buy big robot kits for less than usual price, you’re on the right track. Despite being Japanese brand, all Gundams are actually manufactured in China, so why not skip middlemen and simply buy it from the source? Gundams available on Aliexpress are actually genuine kits, coming straight from the factory (well, they are occasionaly sold under “Daban” brand – but it’s the same stuff). There are literally hundreds of kits to choose from, most available with free shipping worldwide: from superdeformed, “kawaii” style to monster kits for experienced modellers with hundreds of tiny pieces to glue and assemble. You can also buy modelling tools for cheap there. We’ve prepared top picks and best Aliexpress stores where you can find big robots at small prices, so feel free to browse our selection!

What Gundams can you get on Aliexpress?

There’s a lot of kits to choose from, so here is our selection from tried and proven sellers.

aliexpress gundam store

1/100 Astray Red Frame: This is our absolute favorite, wonderful kit with lots of pieces and decals, a joy to assemble. It’s only $47 with free shipping and the scale is 1/100. One of the most popular kits on Aliexpress! Be sure to check also the seller, FunBuyStore, as it has lots of unusal figures that you won’t find anywhere else.

crossover gundam aliexpress

Nice Box Art – one of the 12 to choose from.

Gundam/Three Kingdoms Crossover: Who doesn’t like crossovers, especially when it’s cute Three Kingdoms X Gundam cross? These kits are small, easy to build and inexpensive – just $4.99 per kit with free shipping (really!) and on top of that, there are dozen to choose from. Collect them all, like pokemons! This seller has its dedicated Gundam category, worth checking out.

1/144 Gundam: Another popular choice, and it’s inexpensive too. Only $28.99 with free shipping and great customer reviews.

Check also “Bandai” category of this seller, as it has lots of cool stuff to pick.

We liked the box too!

Classic Gundam HGUC: This classic 1/144 model is on sale and it features additional gear and weapons to swap. Fully posable and only $25.99.

Gundam Flight stands and other accesories

If you’ve assembled and painted your big and shiny robot, don’t forget to showcase it in style. There are plenty of flight stands and diorama elements available, like this one presented below for just $1.81 with free shipping worldwide:

There is also this cool garage that you can put your Gundam inside. It consists of many modules that can be mix and match to fit a whole squadron of robots. Each module is about 15 cm high and costs $18 w/ free shipping:

garage for gundam Aliexpress

Notable sellers that have Gundam accesories are Sharry Lin or Model Fans Store – check their supplies.

Gundam is a wonderful hobby and if you can spend less than usual for these big fighting robots, that’s even cooler. See more Gundams on Aliexpress and have a nice modeling! Be also sure to check the modelling tools on Aliexpress, as you may need tools like paintbrushes, pin vise, pliers and more. Highly recommended too!

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