Aliexpress: Slingshot Catapult Worth Buying

Aliexpress is the largest Chinese mail order store. Today we will check what the most popular Slingshot Catapult are available on Aliexpress and how much they cost. If you think about buying a good slingshot, you’ve come to the right place. The slingshot is useful when hunting. For anyone involved in hunting, the slingshot is the basic equipment.

Check what slingshot and balls and other sling accessories you can buy on Aliexpress. Do not overpay in stationary stores. Shop for little money and order a good quality sling from Aliexpress.

Aliexpress: Slingshot Catapult Worth Buying

100 pieces of steel balls to the aliexpress slingshot

100 pieces of steel balls for a slingshot. These ball bearings are precisely designed to provide the perfect shot. The balls are made of high quality steel and withstand huge impact forces, also ideal for bicycle bearings. These are Slingshot balls. You can choose balls with a diameter of 4.5 or 6mm. The price for 100 pieces is on Aliexpress $ 1.61.

aliexpress slingshot catapult

Slingshot Catapult from Aliexpress. The slingshot is made of high quality material that is strong and durable. The slingshot catapult has a standard handle and a leather case. It is very precise. The price of the slingshot is $ 2.39.

latex rubber for aliexpress slingshot

Latex Rubber For Slingshot. Natural latex rubber for a slingshot length of 1m, 3m or 5m. The rubber is very durable and suitable for use with slingshots. It is a rubber tube and can be cut into smaller pieces as needed. The price of exchangeable rubber for a slingshot is for 5m $ 2.55.

rubber tube to the slingshot aliexpress

Rubber Tube For Slingshot Catapult. Strong, six-pointed rubber latex tube. Rubber latex tube  are ready to be mounted in a slingshot. They are suitable for hunting. Latex elastics are combined with a leather belt. The price of the set is $ 0.73.

flat latex rubber for  slingshot aliexpress

Flat Rubber latex For shooting. The flat rubber for shooting is very flexible and durable. Made of latex is elastic and provides a precise shot. Rubber for tactical shooting. The length of the rubber is approx. 45 cm. The price of the rubber for shooting on Aliexpress is $ 2.08 for three pieces.

slingshot catapult stainless steel aliexpress

Slingshot Catapult Stainless Steel. Stainless steel catapult slingshot. A new quality, easy to use. It is used for outdoor games and also used in hunting. It is small in size, in the set we also receive non-slip rubber. The price of the slingshot is $ 15.14.

balls for shooting with a 10 mm  slingshot aliexpress

Big Slingshot Balls. Large shooting balls with a diameter of 10 and 12 mm. The balls were made of good quality steel. The price for 100 pieces of balls with a diameter of 10mm is $ 3.46.

accessories for slingshot aliexpress

Accessories for Slingshot Catapult. Device for mounting elastic bands in a slingshot. The eyelet made of steel helps to fit the rubber bands in a sling. It allows the exact fixing of the rubber. The price of this device is $ 0.54.

slingshot fishing aliexpress

Fishing Bait Thrower. Slingshot is used for fishing bait thrower. Works for long distances. The slingshot has a size of 12.5 cm x 11.2 cm – 4.9 inches x 4.4 inches. The price of the slingshot on Aliexpress is $ 1.90.

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