Luxury Swords From Aliexpress

The unique shape, luxurious design and exclusive appearance makes swords a very popular element of interior design.

See the rich offer of swords on Aliexpress and do not overpay. Convince yourself that luxury does not have to be expensive. Do not overpay in a stationary store, buy cheap interior accessories, such as old swords, Japanese swords or decorative swords.

The best decorative swords can be found on Aliexpress. Decorate your home nicely, buy a unique antique stylized sword, or a beautiful samurai sword – a katana. See what else you can buy on Aliexpress with free home delivery.

Luxury Swords From Aliexpress

exquisite little  sword aliexpress

Exquisite Little Sword. Decorative sword, very nicely decorated. Also suitable for cosplay costumes. The sword was made of stainless steel. It costs $ 19.19.

wooden sword stand aliexpress

Wooden Holder On The Sword Aliexpress. The sword holder was made of high quality wood. It is stable and lightweight. Perfectly exposes all the qualities of your sword. You can put it on the dresser or on the fireplace. The price of this sword holder is on Aliexpress $ 9.74.

medieval dagger aliexpress

Medieval Dagger. Short sword stylized for the Middle Ages. The sword was made of stainless steel. The length of the blade is 20 cm, and the overall length is 34.50 cm. The price is $ 16.99.

gilded little  sword aliexpress

Gilt short sword. A decorative dagger made of high quality steel. Short, decorated with gilding. The dagger has a white handle. Perfect for cosplay. The price is $ 16.88.

retro  dagger aliexpress

Retro Aliexpress dagger. This small dagger is a retro decoration. The dagger was nicely made to decorate your flat. For each white weapon enthusiast it will certainly be an interesting and attractive gift. The dagger can be bought on Aliexpress and costs $ 18.40.

japanese sword bushido katana aliexpress

Japanese Sword Bushido Katana Aliexpress. A sword that samurai fought for. Katana is the perfect gift for a lover of Japan. The sword was made by hand and is sharp. The sword was made of carbon steel. Carbon steel is a relatively sharp steel with a certain hardness. On special request it is possible to engrave the inscription. The price of the sword is $ 83.

aliexpress sword cleaning kit

Sword cleaning accessories. Keep your sword in good shape. Take care of the sword and clean it with accessories purchased on Aliexpress. This sword cleaning kit is housed in a wooden case and costs $ 7.13.

aliexpress sword

Sword of the Staff. Sword of the Staff. The sword tucked in a cane is a very special item. The sword is an example of the traditional Longquan craft. Longquan is a sword from the period of spring and autumn and the war period in China, which has more than a thousand years of history and is famous for its excellent technology of forging and rich experience of swords. It was made of metal and a high quality alloy. The sword was handmade by a craftsman and is 100% handmade. The price is $ 59.

wall holder for swords aliexpress

Wall holder For swords. It is a classic Chinese sword holder. The hanger fits every sword, it is fixed on the wall. The hanger was made of black wood and is marked with Chinese characters. The price of this sword hanger is $ 14.96.

wooden sheath on the sword aliexpress

Wooden Scabbard For Samurai Sword. Saya (vagina): wooden scabbard, traditionally made of varnished wood. The vagina costs $ 18.92 and is available in various colors.

Luxurious katana aliexpress sword

Luxurious Katana Sword. The blade of this sword is hand-wrought and polished using 10 procedures. The steel used for making the sword is not just steel but it contains much more carbon. This blade is equipped with a full-length Tang, which greatly increases the durability of the sword. The sword is strong enough to cut a thick bamboo tree with one stroke, but sharp enough to cut the paper.

TSUKA: Tsuka (handle) is made of hardwood (wider at the two ends and thinner in the middle of the handle), tightly wrapped with the imitated Samegawa (Ray skin) with synthetic Ito silk. Fuchi (sleeve) and Kashira (buttcap) are made of alloy. Tang sword is secured by two Mekugi (pegs). Two Menu (ornaments) are located on each side of Tsuki.

TSUBA: tsuba is used to protect your hands from slipping on the blades during thrusts.

HABAKI (blade flange): is a one-piece brass construction. the main point of habaki is to make saya tight for the blade, so it is normal if it is scratched.

SEPPAS (spacers): Pieces of metal between Tsuba and Habaki. Two Seppas protect Tsuba (if tsuba is not too tight after a long time, you can dismantle the sword and place more seppas there.

SAYA: The scabbard made of hard wood, combined with brass Sageo Kurigaga (knob) vagina.

The price of the sword is on Aliexpress $ 113.16

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