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Aliexpress dog toys & accesories

The dog is a man’s best friend, so it’s no surprise that we give our four-legged friends a great deal of love. The dogs often have the same rights as other members of the family, and we spoil them like little kids. AliExpress is a great place to stock up on interesting and inexpensive items for your pet: toys, bedding, clothing for the winter and more. See an overview of bestsellers on AliExpress for dogs and what to buy with free shipping from China for your four-legged friend:

dog clothing aliexpress

Dog tracksuit – if you need to walk your dog in the cold weather. This “Adidas” tracksuit has even hood and is designed for medium and large dogs. It is sold in 4 different colors, in sizes 2XL – 9XL so it would fit even largest dogs.

bodyguard dog

Bodyguard dog clothes – clothing for a small and cute, but very dangerous dogs. This dog sweater is in black. It is available in sizes XS-L.

dog strawberry kennel

Strawberry kennel – this sweet kennel will house your dog or cat. The size S is for animals weighting less than 1 kg up to XL (weight 5.5 kg). This kennel is made of soft and silky plush, so your dog or cat will feel good while resting after a busy day.

large kennel

Large kennel – This dog bed is designed for larger dogs and is suitable for large retrievers or other breeds. It is made of 3 layers, similar to winter jacket and can washed in a washing machine.

large tennis dog ball

A large tennis ball – This ball is designed for large dogs who love to play. It is durable, but the seller warned that most naughty dogs can ultimately break it down. But the reviews for this are good, so it is durable and it looks like a very cool toy!

Donut dog

Squeaky donut toy – This mascot squeaks when the dog shakes his teeth. This is a classic dog toy. it can be washed in the washing machine, and costs only $ 0.79.

aliexpress dog tag

Bone dog tag – this bone dog tag costs less than $ 0.29 with free shipping, so it it literally almost free. You need to attach it to the collar, and you can write contact information in case the dog escaped from you and is missing. Must-have for any dog owner.

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