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6 Awesome Dog Toys & Accesories with Free Shipping from Aliexpress

The dog is a man’s best friend, so it’s no surprise that we give our four-legged friends a great deal of love. The dogs often have the same rights as other members of the family, and we spoil them like little kids. If you want to see the best deals and coolest shopping ideas, take a look at our list, that consists of top Aliexpress dog articles. If you don’t know it yet, this popular shopping portal from China offers free shipping and direct delivery to your home.

And the prices are really awesome, as you will get the gear directly from manufacturer, instead of buying at reseller on Amazon or in brick-and-mortar store. Just take a look at these great prices and excellent selection.

It really is a great place to stock up on interesting and inexpensive items for your pet: toys, bedding, clothing for the winter and more. See an overview of bestsellers on AliExpress for dogs and what to buy with free shipping for your good boy:


dog bathrobe

Dog  Bathrobe –  Made from super absorbent, quick-drying micro-fibre, this bathrobe for dogs will make your good boy comfy after a shower. Available in size XS (back lenght 30 cm) to XL (back lenght 75 cm), so it will fit any dog. Color sent at random. Very popular, gets thousands of comments from satisfied buyers that also state their dogs aren’t resisting wearing this robe.



large kennel

Large kennel – This dog bed is designed for larger dogs and is suitable for large retrievers or other breeds. It is made of 3 layers, similar to winter jacket and can washed in a washing machine.

large tennis dog ball

A large tennis ball – This ball is designed for large dogs who love to play. It is durable, but the seller warned that some naughty dogs can tore it down with overzealous play. But the reviews are excellent, so it is durable and it looks like a very cool toy!

dog socks

Dog socks – winter is coming fast, so if you live in area where this season isn’t mild, you can try these popular dog socks. Three sizes are available S – for dogs weighing 0-1,2 kg, M- up to 3.5 kg and L – up to 7.5 kg. Upgraded with non-slip rubber sole, they’re simply cute and really practical. Pair is just about $1 and they’re currently on 30% sale.

doggo toothbrush

Doggo tootbrush – caring for dental health is as important for dogs, as their masters, and this toothbrush and toy in one will help maintain healthy teeth for your doggo. You can even get dog toothpaste when buying this toothbrush for a total of $2.4 with free shipping (!).

pineapple dog tent

Pineapple Dog Tent – should we say more? When you need your dog to get extra-stylish and ultra cool shelter. It’s also very comfortable, and available in three sizes, S to L. Check actual size before you pick it up, as it won’t fit very large dogs. See the comments for this item to check more pictures from the buyers setups. Just $7 to $21 and with free shipping worldwide, so it really is great deal!

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