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Most Popular Beekeeping Equipment from Aliexpress

When it comes to hobby gear, it’s hard to beat Aliexpress. Instead of picking your beekeeping equipment in specialised stores you can get the same thing straight from manufacturers and wholesalers in China. You can skip the middleman and choose beekeeping products from various sellers from this popular shopping portals, as almost everything is produced in China anyway. The only drawback is that you usually needs to wait 2-4 weeks for your shipment, but if you’re not in a hurry, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Check out following list and see what you can get for literally few bucks. Most importantly, almost every item is available with free shipping worldwide, so it’s more the reason to buy it. Your bees will love you!

Beekeeping Gear on Aliexpress

honey scraper tool aliexpress

Honey scraper tool for $6.08. Made from stainless steel and has wooden handle, so it’s not some cheap piece of equipment. Easy to collect and uncap honey  from areas of honeycomb that cannot be decapped with a cutter. Much less wastage and mess than a simple cutter. If you want to get it delivered fast, you can pick US warehouse.

bee queen marker

Marker for marking queen. Non-toxic marker to identify the queen. Eight colors available. Just 1 buck, and with (untracked) free shipping to US or Europe.

bee hat

Bee hat with camo. For when you need to sneak up on your bees! Approximate size 50 x 32 cm. Durable and light, available with free delivery for just $1.98.

sheepskin beekeeping gloves

Beekeekeeping Gloves for $4.46. These are the most popular gloves, with fantastic ratings and more 2000 sales, available currently in L and XL sizes. Made from real sheepskin and cotton. They’re very soft, yet sturdy and dense, so you will be perfectly safe working on your hives. Probably the best gloves, especially for the price.


benefit bee

Be sure also to check sellers store called BENEFTIBEE, as this is a manufacturer specializing in making beekeeping products for more than 15 years (pictured above) that sells knives, smokers, feeders, protective clothing, queen cages and much more.

bee breeding set

Queen rearing equipment set. If you seriously think about expanding your beehive and breeding more furry yellow friends, pick it up. It features 110 cell cups and 20 queen cages, allowing you easily managing your colony. Produces reliable results and is very popular among buyers. Just $8 and it will help you a lot!


beekeeping bottle

Beekeeping tool for catching queen – another useful tool for your beehive. Only $2.17 with free shipping worldwide.

smoke emitter

Smoke emitter – made from stainless steel. Equipped with the hook at the top to prevent burns It’s quite large and works as intended. Works on 4 x AA batteries. Just $14.63 with free delivery.

There are more useful staff for beekeeping on Aliexpress, so if you’re interested in highly rated items, just click the button below and see for yourself. Wishing you sweetest honey and healthy bees!

beekeeping gear aliexpress

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