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Prettiest Wall Stickers for Children’s Room

Let’s make our children have an unforgettable childhood. Now it’s easy, because we can create a beautiful, colorful children’s room decor using simple-to-use stickers. Stickers are easy to use, they can be successfully mounted by themselves, and for this they give an incredible effect like a fairy tale. Every toddler dreams of a unique room where he will feel safe and comfortable. It is amazing how using ordinary Aliexpress stickers we can create fabulous fantasy lands, and our child will be happy that he can live in such a beautiful interior. We present you the 8 most beautiful stickers for a children’s room.

Wall stickers for children’s room

stickers for children's room

World map stickers with animals. Wall stickers may, in addition to the interior design, also have an educational function. This beautiful map of the world will show the child on which continents live exotic animals. The price on Aliexpress is around 3.82 USD.

children's stickers aliexpress

Wall mural scale of growth. This wall sticker with animals also has a practical function, namely, we can use it to measure the growth of our child. The sticker price is only about USD 2.93, it is not an excessive price for this nice decoration for a child’s room. For this free shipping.

stickers for children's room

Wall stickers shining in the dark. With these stickers, we can create a real night sky for the child, the stars will shine in the dark and give a unique atmosphere. Who knows, maybe they will inspire a child to become an astronaut in the future? The price of stickers is 1.56 USD. The set contains one hundred stickers to stick on the wall.

stickers for children's room.

Stickers with cartoon characters. This nice sticker will cheer up every toddler and make the children’s room take on a new dimension. Cartoon animals are cheerful and colorful and the fun in such a good company is an unforgettable experience. Stickers are made of good quality plastic, they stick to the wall and you can buy them for as little as USD 4.71 on Aliexpress, in addition, shipping is free.

stickers for children's room

3D sticker Spiderman. The most well-known cartoon character can now decorate your child’s room and make it experience unforgettable moments while playing and enjoying a cozy corner. Childhood has never been as great as it is now. Both boys and girls love to learn and play in the company of their idols from fairy tales. Available for 1.73 USD on Aliexpress.

children's stickers aliexpress

Stickers fairy tale forest. Create a fairytale forest and take your toddler to the land of unforgettable moments. Just stick the decorations to the wall to get a nice effect and make the child will be happy to be in his room. The interior design is of great importance to the child, and this unique tree will put our child in a cheerful mood. To buy on Aliexpress for 4,04 USD.

aliexpress car stickers

Street with cars. This nice street with cars will appeal to every boy who is interested in motorization. The street can be easily attached to the wall above the desk or in the play corner. The cost of the sticker on Aliexpress is 2.54 USD.

sticker with the name of the child

A sticker with the name of your child. It is certainly one of the prettiest decorations of a baby cot, wall or play corner. A sticker with the name of your beloved child can decorate any chosen place in the room. After purchase, be sure to include the name of the child in the message to the seller. The cost of this unusual decoration is only $ 1.99.

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