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Best Air Purifiers from Aliexpress

If you’d like to enjoy clean and fresh air but live in a densely populated area, full of smog pick up an air purifier. Smog that consits of PM (Particulate Matter) particles has a negative impact on the health of your family. It is estimated that smog leads not only to lung disease just like smoking, but also causes cancer, slows down the intellectual development of children and causes migraines. The solution is simple: just put an air purifier at home, a device that very effectively filters pollution with its filtering system. You will instantly notice the difference, and finally breathe a fresh air.

And what’s the best place to buy an air purifier? Obviously it’s Aliexpress, because this Chinese shopping portal has tons of great offers, with free delivery worldwide.

Aliexpress Air Purifiers

xiaomi purifier aliexpress

Xiaomi Air Purifier 3 – with free shipping

Xiaomi Air Purifier 3 is the best choice among air purifiers. This tried and proven device can deliver up to 400 cubic meters of fresh air per hour and has a precise laser PM2.5 particle sensor that allows it to display air quality as well as temperature and humidity on its OLED screen. It’s quite tall, which is necessary for effective cleaning, but on the floor it takes no more space than a sheet of paper.

It’s the most effective in an area of ​​up to 48 square meters. For larger apartments and homes you can stock up on several of these devices. It has three operation modes: auto, night and app. The third one allows for detailed adjustment of settings from the app on your phone (air purifier connects to your WiFi), including scheduling or  switching on after exceeding a certain amount of air pollution. The ring in the center of the purifier also indicates the air quality: green – good, orange – needs improvement, red – bad. Very nice, minimalist design in white that will match all interiors and great workmanship, as befits Xiaomi.

Available in the official Xiaomi home appliances store on Aliexpress, at a price of about $160, it even has several delivery options from EU and US warehouses, which means you should get it within a few days and you don’t need to wait several weeks for shipping from China. Just select your delivery option on the product page to have the purifier shipped from your local warehouse.

It’s the most popular and best choice on the market, especially comparing to the price. There are several other sellers that offers this device such as Perfection Technology. You can also pick up addtional filters on Aliexpress.

Air purifier filters on Aliexpress

Purifier could not effectively clean the air if it was not for the replacable HEPA filter contained inside. This is actually the main part of the device, absorbing PM2.5 and PM10 suspended particles. Single filter should be enough for 4-6 months of work or even longer – depending on your local pollution.

air purifier filter

The most popular filter is available from the Filterhualv Store, an Aliexpress retailer specializing in filter production. These are replacements that have the same properties as the original Xiaomi filters and are compatible with all Xiaomi Mi 1/2 / 2S / 3 and 3 Pro cleaners today. The price is about $20-$25, and in addition the seller offers wheels for the purifier, allowing easy movement of the device at home.

5 Reasons why you should buy an air purifier on Aliexpress

1. Very useful at home with animals

A well-functioning HEPA filter purifier captures dogs, cats, or other pets’ hair  – not to mention dust mites. Many pet owners suffer from allergies and if you want to breathe freely, just turn on the purifier. It will also eliminate unpleasant hair or cat litter smells.

2. Absorbs cigarette smoke

If someone in your family smokes (which we advise against), then the purifier will cope also with cigarette smoke. Just turn on the device and get rid of the nicotine smoke. Healthy air at your fingertips!

3. Low energy consumption

Modern purifiers do not consume a lot of energy in standard working modes. They are also very quiet devices and the noise is almost almost inaudible, especially after switching on night mode, available in Xiaomi device.

4. Easy control

The control is simple: turn it on and the device automatically adjusts the speed of air cleaning to the current pollution. This saves energy, allowing to work when it is needed. You can also set a working schedule and turn on the equipment even when you’re not at home through the app in your smartphone. Xiaomi purifiers can even be integrated into your Smart Home system and combined with other sensors or be voice-controlled through Alexa.

5. Filters mold

If you have a problem with mold at home, the cleaner will also help dealing with spores that build up on walls, furniture and carpets. The purifier slightly reduces the humidity in the house, but above all filters mold spores from the air. Mold is very harmful to health, so it’s worth purging it from your living area.

We wish you all clean air, and happy shopping on Aliexpress!

aliexpress air purifiers

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