5 Top Aliexpress Smartwatches

Smartwatches are bestselling wearables and it should not come as a surprise they’re so popular. These smart devices are not only used to measure time, but they have many more features, and they look great. Brands such as Xiaomi or Oppo offer great features and sensational design, better than overpriced Apple Watch. This is an excellent and functional alternative to ordinary watches.

You can find lots of great smartwatches on Aliexpress, and this guide will help you pick among the best and most popular smart wrist devices. From cheap smartwatches for just a couple of dollars, to slightly more expensive devices with a sensational Xiaomi design. See the list below.

Best Smartwatches from Aliexpress with free shipping

amazfit smartwatch by xiaomi

Xiaomi Amazfit BIP is a great smartwatch with all the features you can require: GPS for navigation, many sports modes, large color display. The battery can work up to 45 days on a single charge, provided you use the basic capabilities (ie. no Bluetooth, etc.). 4 colors of stripes to choose from, so it’s easy to find best design that will suit you.

This smartwatch is available from the official Amazfit store and you can buy it for a really good price of about $62 with free shipping. Over 20,000 units have already been sold in this offer, so as you can guess, this is very popular equipment and certainly the best choice in relation to price/quality ratio.

zapet smartwatch

In comparison, ZAPET is the cheapest and at the same time the most popular smartwatch that you can buy from Aliexpress. Although you can pick it up for just $7 (!) with free shipping to US or Europe, it has quite a lot of features, is well made and works as a cheap pedometer. It’s also waterproof, and you can easily wear it in the rain or wash your hands wearing it, without fear of damage. It also has a heart rate monitor with constant measurement and of course supports the apps, thanks to which it also displays smartphone notifications. Great price and cool options!

aliexpress smartwatch
The COXANG smartwatch is another very popular smartwatch that you will find at Gearbest. Available in two colors – black and white. In addition to classic functions like a pedometer, notifications, reminders to get up from the desk, it also has sports functions, although of course not as extensive as Xiaomi devices.

As many as 13,000 units sold and it has excellent user rating of 4.7 / 5. Its low price makes it also popular – just $19, of course with free delivery from the official COXANG store.

jbrl smartwatch

The JBRL smartwatch with silicone strap is another good pick on the list of inexpensive smart watches. It is distinguished by a sporty look and has a color display. It also measures heart rate, pressure, displays notifications from the phone and allows you to reject calls. The price is only $16, depending on the color version. The watch comes from the official store of this manufacturer on Aliexpress and looks pretty good, especially considering such a low price.

amazfit gts fashion smartwatch aliexpress

The last suggestion among the list of popular watches is Amazfit GTS, which you can buy in the official Xiaomi store on Aliexpress. This is a hi-fashion watch, created for people for whom not only features, but also appearance is important. It has a full metal housing, leather strap and AMOLED display. Very stylish and available in six colors with a full arsenal of capabilities. It also has a strong battery, working up to 14 days on a single charge. Slightly more expensive at about $129, but it’s really luxury wearable that you can buy for a fraction of the value of some ordinary expensive watch.

Why is it worth buying a smartwatch on Aliexpress?

1. They many useful features

The number of features that a good smartwatch has is countless: in addition to providing the time, they have sport functions, can connect to the internet via WiFi, or even act as mobile phones thanks to the SIM card, have NFC contactless payments functions, you can install Android applications on them, control smart devices home and much more.

2. Great partner for any workout

Smartwatches have a lot of functions to support you when running or exercising at the gym. They can measure the number of steps taken per day, calories burned, distance, and even have different sport modes. The smartwatch will tell you what your current results are and help you improve your workout results. The perfect fitness partner for every exercise, that can always be with you!

3. Act as navigation devices

More advanced smart watches have a full set of navigation devices: GPS and internet connection support, allowing to display Google Maps on the screen of the device. You’ll never get lost in the field, and you’ll find the way by looking at your watch. Very comfortable and practical.

4. New smartwatches have an excellent design

The new models of smartwatches are well designed, which especially applies to Xiaomi equipment. The very elegant, award-winning Red Dot Award design means that such a watch will work well as an accesory for casual clothing as well as with a formal outfit. What’s more, new smartwatches are also well made and have a metal case and leather straps. Some models also have the option of replacing the straps thanks to the modular design. Xiaomi wearables are also characterized by design adapted for women and men as well as various colors.

5. Prices are very low – especially on Aliexpress

Thanks to free delivery and many discounts you can use on Aliexpress, smartwatches are simply the cheapest here. Prices start from a few bucks for the basic models to $100-150 for top shelf Xiaomi devices and the selection is simply big. What are you waiting for? Time to shop on Aliexpress!


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