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Aliexpress Coupon Page: Easy Way to Pay Less

Aliexpress is the biggest shopping portal from China, selling literally everything – from small gadgets and interior design elements to electronics: phones, smartwatches and even TVs. Even without discount codes, shopping from Aliexpress is always pleasant experience, because you have literally hundreds of thousands of offers to choose from, and products are usually sent with free delivery worldwide.

However, if you’d like to take advantage of coupons, it is worth taking a look at the dedicated page with discount codes on Aliexpress, updated daily. Aliexpress hides this page a bit in a web of its banners, but knowing the exact location of the coupon page, you can check back regularly to see what’s new has just been added.

aliexpress coupon codes

Click on the image above to go to the Aliexpress coupon page

There are tabs on the page for various categories of coupons, allowing you to switch to different categories and see promotions for fashion, electronics and phones, among few.

How to use coupon codes on Aliexpress

Using these discount codes is very easy. Just click “GET NOW” button next to the code and the coupon will be added to your account. The number above the button shows the remaining number of coupons for all Aliexpress users. There is no limit to the number of discount codes you can keep on our account, so you can click as much as you want and grab them all.

Then click on the “Visit Store” button next to the coupon and go directly to the store’s website. To see a list of all available coupons, go to the menu at the top of the page by clicking My Coupons.


Then in the “Seller Coupons” tab you will find all discount codes downloaded from this page, assigned to individual stores. Coupons usually work throughout the entire store, and only sometimes are intended for specific products.

seller coupons aliexpress

The last step is to add a discount code on the cart page, which will reduce the final price.

aliexpress coupon code order

Wishing you many deals, big discounts and fast shipping from Aliexpress!

browse coupons aliexpress

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