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Bluetooth Earphones on Aliexpress: Top Picks

If you spend a lot of time calling with your smartphone at your ear, or maybe you may want to replace old wired earphones, it’s time for new wireless Bluetooth earphones. Comfortable and affordable, these earphones will free up your hands so you’re free drive a car or just bustle around the house without having to hold the phone. See the most popular and stylish Bluetooth headphones that you can buy on Aliexpress, available at great prices and with free delivery worldwide.

Bluetooth Earphones on Aliexpress: Review

huawei earphones

Huawei i7S TWS are probably the best price-to-ratio wireless headphones on Aliexpress, for just $5. Despite the low price, they are very well made and even provided with a charging box that works as a power bank. They work on the latest Bluetooth 5.0, which ensures good sound quality, great range and as little interference as possible with the stereo A2DP / AVRCP system. Seller provides three-year manufacturer’s warranty, although at this price you probably won’t bother with sending back your headphones if they fail. Fully waterproof so you can get your running sessions in the rain and there is some great design in four colors to choose from: white, red, black and gold.

earphones bluetooth

The most popular earphones on Aliexpress – over 50,000 orders – have gained their popularity mainly due to the low price: literally … $2 with free delivery worldwide. Of course, you shouldn’t expect best quality at this price, but these are quite solid headphones for exercising in the gym or running and weigh only 13 grams, so you can comfortably wear them while doing sports. They have a remote control on the cable. Work with Android, iPhone or even with PCs. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on earphones, it’s not a bad choice.

xiaomi airdots

In comparison, Xiaomi Airdots are high-end headphones with the best quality and super features. If you’re a Xiaomi fan there is no need to introduce you to this audio gear. These are probably the best small wireless headphones you can buy, supporting Bluetooth 5.0, with excellent sound quality and many app features (although of course you do not need to install any apps for them to work, they connect to the phone automatically and very quickly). They have a large range of up to 10 meters, operate on a single charge 150 hours in standby mode, or about 4 hours of phone calling, and have a nicely looking box, acting as a charger and power bank. One handset weighs only 4.1 grams – you can’t make them lighter. They also have voice control, allowing you to easily select the next song or answer a phone call just by speaking. Fantastic audio gear at a great price, and the WillVast Store offers original set in a box for currently the best price you can get them on Aliexpress. Also, a really good gift idea.

umidigi earphones aliexpress

UMIDIGI Upods are an interesting alternative to Xiaomi Airdots and actually are clone od iPods in terms of functionality and design. If you haven’t heard of this brand, UMIDIGI makes smartphones, smartwatches and other electronics in the budget segment, straight copying up proven solutions from other brands (which isn’t a bad thing). Upods offer good sound quality, great design and useful functions such as automatic pairing with the phone out of the charging box. They also support voice assistant via Siri or Google. Just tap them twice and command them to launch apps or even control smart home. They weigh about the same as Airdots, just 4 g per piece. Price? Awesome: $16 with free delivery worldwide.

Why Aliexpress Bluetooth earphones are better than ordinary wired gear?

  • All current Bluetooth earphones on Aliexpress have built-in microphone that allows you to make phone calls. This is one of the most important advantages of Bluetooth headphones, allowing you to always be in touch with everyone. It’s easy to wear small and incospicouus earphone whatever you do.
  • They’re small and wireless, making them suitable for all occasions. You can call comfortably in them while driving (although we do not recommend it, as it distracts the driver), and above all you can work out with them in the gym or run without being disturbed by cables.
  • Their design is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about splashing them. You can wear them in the rain, although of course it is not recommended to dip them in water. Ideal for people who spend a lot of time on the road.
  • Wireless headphones have potent batteries that allow you to make calls and listen to music for a minimum of several hours when fully charged, and in addition many models have special charging boxes, allowing you to easily extend this battery life.
  • They have advanced features. Depending on the model, the wireless headphones can support the latest Bluetooth version, reducing interference and extending the range up to 10 meters from the phone. You can bustle around the house and talk to these headphones without having to put the smartphone to your ear and hold it in your hand. Some models also have the function of eliminating background noise, voice control of the MP3 player in the phone.
  • Many kinds to choose from. Aliexpress you will find many types of Bluetooth headphones and earphones on Aliexpress: from small headsets to large gaming headphones designed for players. The latter are characterized by excellent sound quality thanks to large speaker units and good separation from the surroundings, and even extras such as a built-in MP3 player that supports memory cards.

You can find top wireless headphones on Aliexpress, picking from thousands of different models. See even more headphones and get them with free delivery worldwide.

bluetooth earphones

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