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Why you should buy on Aliexpress?

Aliexpress is a Chinese e-commerce portal, where online sellers are sell their products, with very competitive prices and free shipping worldwide. Your order almost always can be delivered free to US, Europe or wherever you are living, and you can buy items starting as low as just few dollars. You can compare Aliexpress to Chinese eBay, with full English-language interface, where various sellers sell their products directly.

So what can you buy on Aliexpress? Literally everything, except some stuff that would be illegal to send through borders like weapons. Most notable and popular categories are clothing, consumer electronics, phones, toys, jewelry and home & garden products – and there are millions of interesting items it these and other categories.

what is aliexpress

Sample Aliexpress listing – great selection and prices on dresses, among many other things!

Is Aliexpress legitimate portal and can I buy there?

Aliexpress is owned by Chinese company which also hosts Taobao – largest e-commerce portal in the world, located in China and Alibaba – portal for wholesalers and importers who wants to import products from China. Alibaba is currently listed on New York stock exchange and must comply to United States law, including strict Credit Card security requirements. It has several millions transactions monthly and is one of the largest online store in the world, so you can buy there without any problems. Just like in case of eBay, you can also check reviews and rating of each seller and decide whether its product are good quality. I’s a great way to see for yourself, that Aliexpress is safe indeed.

Payments are possible through Credit Card and several other payment methods (PayPal in Aliexpress is not available yet), and there is also escrow and seller rating system, which means that seller will get your payment if you approve that you received your order. And in case that you will be unsatisfied with your purchase, you can always open dispute which enable you to resolve your problems or get money back. That means this a is very buyer friendly portal and you can be assured that you can buy safely.

Another great thing about Aliexpress is free shipping worldwide – most sellers are shipping for free, because Chinese exporters are subsidized and their post offices are covering most of shipping fees. That can give you awesome opportunities and great bargains on many products – check it yourself.

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So summarizing it, pros of Aliexpress are:

  • Free shipping worldwide, even with smallest orders,
  • Best prices on many products – you won’t find as inexpensive items anywhere as on Aliexpress,
  • Awesome selection of items, with literally millions of products,
  • Reviews and rating for each item,
  • Buyer protection on every order,

There are also some cons:

  • Free shipping from China can be slow, and typically your order will be delivered to your address in 2-3 weeks, though it can be as fast as 5 days. Be aware, that your order won’t be delivered next day. But if you are not in hurry, this is a perfect place to buy!
  • Since sellers operate in China, you can’t call them directly – but you can always write message to them, and they will happily reply to your questions.


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