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TOP8 Letter Papers And Office Stationery On Aliexpress

Lovers of colored papers and scrapbooking will be delighted. Aliexpress has a wide range of papers that you can use for your office work or hobby.

If you’re making greeting cards, scrapbooks or other papers related to the creative use of paper, have a look at Aliexpress. There you will find a huge selection of decorative papers that you can buy for little money.

Do not overpay in a stationary store and try the original stationery, beautifully decorated papers with nice motifs. Write a traditional letter using phenomenal stationery. Only now on Aliexpress you can buy beautiful paper at a promotional price. See the TOP 8 best office papers on Aliexpress. Delight your eyes with this unusual view.

TOP8 Office Papers And Stationery On Aliexpress

letter in the capsule aliexpress

Kit for writing a Capsule Letter. A set to write a small message in a capsule. Write in the love capsule what you want to say and give it your sympathy. Each capsule contains a small piece of paper on which you can write a message. The kit includes 100 pieces of transparent capsules and colored paper. The price of this unusual letter in the bottle is $ 1.70.

AliExpress bottle list

Small Capsules with the Message. Small capsules in which you put a message are hit on Aliexpress. Capsules with messages is a nice surprise for a person we like and love. Leave a message to a friend in a small capsule, write something funny and improve your mood. See how fun it is to send small messages. The price for 50 pieces of capsules with messages is $ 0.73.

photo paper aliexpress

Photo Paper from Aliexpress. The set includes 20 sheets of 4 “x 6” high-quality 4R glossy photo paper with a weight of 200 g / m2 for inkjet printers. Photo paper has a glossy finish on one side. You can use this glossy photo paper to print high quality photos using your home printer, create invitations, flyers and newsletters, and for everyday documents such as homework at school and work related projects. Paper can be widely used in inkjet printing. The price for 20 pieces of photo paper on Aliexpress is $ 1.73.

office paper aliexpress

Carbon paper for manual copying. The carbon paper was made of carbon paper. It is a type of tracing paper, it is used for copying and carrying letters, drawings, etc. It is a traditional type of carbon paper used in the office and at school. The price for 50 pieces of tracing paper on Aliexpress is $ 0.39.

8 decorative sheets

8 decorative Vintage paper sheets. This is high quality Vintage letter paper that is beautifully decorated. We can write a traditional letter. The paper will also be used to make invitations. The paper is very nice, available in three shades: white, black and beige. The price for 8 sheets is $ 0.89.

kawaii stationery aliexpress

Kawaii stationery from Aliexpress. You can write a letter or message with this lovely colorful kawaii stationery. The set includes colored cards and envelopes. You can buy this colored paper on aliexpress for $ 1.36.

AliExpress laser printer paper

Paper for Laser Printer. It is self-adhesive paper for laser printers. The paper has A4 size. The price for 50 pieces of this self-adhesive paper is $11.

letter paper lotus flower aliexpress

Flower Lotus Paper. It is a beautiful letter paper with traditional Chinese motifs such as Lotus Flower. The paper has a nice vintage color, it is aged. The price for 8 sheets of this paper is $ 1.02.

aliexpress letter paper

Letter Paper 10 Sheets. It is 10 sheets of vintage paper in very good quality. The paper has a horizontal line that facilitates manual writing. The paper is with animal motifs. It is adorned by beautiful deer. The price for 10 pieces of this paper on Aliexpress is only $1.30.

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