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How to Get Quilling Supplies and Tools for Cheap on Aliexpress

Quilling is an intriguing hobby or maybe even form of art, that involves the use of strips of paper to create wonderful decorative designs. You can quill paper to make greetings cards, boxes, jewelry, even small sculptures. This art of rolling strips of paper into coil shapes can be very relaxing and it’s interesting hobby that you can pursue even when you don’t have that much time. It’s also not that expensive, especially if you know where to find great quilling tools and supplies. As with many other crafts, number one destination for DIYers should be Aliexpress, a popular shopping portal from China.

Quilling tools available in brick and mortar craft stores in US are coming from China, so why not buy directly online, and with free shipping worldwide? The only drawback is that orders are usually in transit for a few weeks, but considering extremely low prices and zero shipping costs, it’s definitely worth it. Here are some of the most popular offers currently going on on Aliexpress on quilling tools and materials, starting literally from 50 cents. Awesome bargains!

Quilling Tools and Supplies from Aliexpress

quilling paper

This most popular quilling paper is priced just $1.28 for 260 multicolored strips (yes, with free delivery, even if ordering just one piece). 3 mm or 5 mm wide, depending on your choice. Bright, rainbow colors make it instant hit, with 4,9 average review!

quilling tool

Quilling tool for… 50 cents. Available in blue or pink. Recommended for 5mm strips. Comments praise good quality, and for the price, it’s really the best deal.

Tweezers for $0.70. Just a tweezers. Useful for all kinds of crafts, not only quilling.

quilling board aliexpress

Quilling corkboard with templates. Features dozens of hearts, circles and rectangles, to quill intricate patterns. Size: 21 x 15 cm. Very convenient to work with and it’s priced low at $3, which includes shipping to US or Europe.

roller quilling

Battery powered quilling roller. $2.20, including shipping. I don’t even know how it can be priced so low. Battery (two AAA cells) not included, and according to some comments, it twists paper like crazy! Be sure to check other items from the same seller “YOMDID DIY Store” – he offers more cool arts & crafts offers.

plate quilling

Needle plate quilling tool – Another necessity for quilling, and this one is only $2.03.

lucky stars

Quilling paper for making lucky stars – Just $0.55 with free shipping. Color sent randomly. Apparently, making these stars and giving them as a gift is some kind of custom in China. Check other crafts items from the same seller.

Paper comb for $2.20. Helps making some quilling projects easier. 12 cm long.

tools quilling aliexpress

Finally, here’s this quilling starter set. If you wanna pick it up for yourself, or make someone a nice gift, you can order it for about $25. Contains 19 tools in giftbox – probably everything you need for the hobby.

Have fun with your DIY paper designs!

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