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Cheap Office Supplies from Aliexpress

Office supplies for every budget, it sounds really good. Autumn is the increased time to buy school notebooks, blocks and pencils. A lot of interesting stationery supplies can be ordered from Aliexpress. Among them are those that are in vain to look for in Polish paper shops. It does not matter if you’re here to buy DIY items, or if you’re looking for the right scrapbooking stationery. Check the offer on Aliexpress to find out about new products and keep up to date with trends. We offer pastel tapes, practical notebboks and other gadgets for paper maniacs.

Cheap Office Supplies from Aliexpress

Paper tabs or labels.Thanks to these practical bookmarks, we will mark selected fragments in the book or mark important information for us. Bookmarks have space for making handwritten notes or notes, which is very useful especially for students. The price is $ 1.90 for 30 pieces of tabs with cute kittens, that is about 7 zlotys. The delivery is free.



Corrector in the shape of a heart.To make mistakes is a human thing and we know it. Using this practical concealer in the shape of a sweet heart, we will erase all our mistakes and let them not be noticed. True, a useful article? To buy for $ 1.04 it is about 4 zlotys. There is a 10 meter equalizer in the heart.



Notebook in hartback with elastic band. This multi-functional notebook can be successfully used as a planner, recording important messages and all the tasks that await you on a given day. It has a flexible elastic, thanks to which the paper will remain in place. You can buy it for $ 14 or about PLN 51.



Decorative tapes.  Cute decorative tapes will be used for all kinds of artworks, decorating albums or greeting cards. The cost is $ 2.14 or about 8 zlotys. We can choose from a variety of patterns, from floral, through motifs with candies, cats and birthday.



Cutter for cutting paper.

This extremely handy paper cutter is useful when making more precise decorations. It is an indispensable tool in the work of every hobbyist, it can be successfully used to process small plastic elements. The cost of the blade on ALiexpress is $ 1.99, it is a little over 7 zlotys.



A writing board in the form of a sticker. A board in the form of a wall sticker, which can easily be glued and removed. After the board, you can write with chalk or a washable marker. The price of this wall original sticker is $ 2.39, or about PLN 9.




Metal rings for binding paper.Metal wheels to connect loose sheets together. In a homely way you can bind your cards into a neat workbook and you do not have to overpay in photocopying. The price for 20 pieces of wheels is $ 1.69, that is, about PLN 6. The wheels can also be successfully used as a practical key ring or tag pendant.



Pastel adhesive tapes.No pastel adhesive tapes for gluing photos in an album or other artistic works. A lovely set of tapes contains 12 colors, each has a length of 3 m. The price is $ 8 or 30 PLN.




A set of replaceable inserts for the electric eraser. This set of 50 pieces of replaceable cartridges can be purchased for as little as $ 1.99, which is about PLN 7.35. We will add that electric erasers are a fashionable gadget for batteries and you can also order them on Aliexpress.

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