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10 Essential Decorations for Birthday Party

It takes a lot of time to organize your dream birthday party if we plan all the details in advance. Now ready accessories such as balloons, paper plates and table decorations, will help us create a fantastic atmosphere not only for a celebrity, but also for guests.

Delight all guests with their ingenuity and creatively decorate the table and the salon with original decorations. You will make your child have an unforgettable birthday party and you will take nice pictures for your family album. Get acquainted with the offer of the most popular decorations and accessories for birthdays, which can be bought on Aliexpress, easily and with free shipping.

Do not overpay for birthday accessories. Buy them cheaply and create a fairy-tale birthday for the person you love. Aliexpress allows a large selection of paper decorations, today decide which ones will be in your home.

Dream Accessories for Birthday Party

1. Cake Decorations

decorations on the  cake aliexpress

Cake decorations. The most important thing at birthday is a cake, we know for sure. In addition, if you decorate the cake with cute decorations, you’ll put the guests in the delight. The price for decorations is from $ 1.83.

2. Paper Cups and Plates.

paper cups and plates

Paper Cups and Plates. Spread the sweets on disposable saucers and give drinks in paper cups with beautiful motifs. Your children will be delighted, but also you will feel the satisfaction of a perfectly decorated party. The price for a set of 8 plates is $ 5.15.

3. Birthday Balloons.

birthday balloons

Birthday Balloons. Balloons are the basic decoration of every room in which a birthday party will take place. And it does not matter whether they will be large inflatable numbers, traditional round balloons, or those in the shape of stars and hearts. To be just a lot, it’s best to buy a whole set of birthday balloons on Aliexpress right away, with free delivery to Poland. The cost for 10 balloons is $ 1.52.

4. Straws For Drinks.

aliexpress beverage straws

Straws For Drinks. Do not forget to buy drinking straws, those with sea animals will be just right. Thanks to them, no one will mistake their cup with juice or other drink. The price for straws is $ 3.12.

5. Happy Birthday banner.

happy birthday banner

Happy Birthday banner. Suspended at the ceiling, the birthday banner will perfectly decorate the party and add a festive atmosphere. We can choose banners and garlands in various colors and shapes, the cost is $ 2.22.

6. Invitation to Birthday.

birthday invitation

Birthday invitation. To all invited guests, send cards with the date and place where the birthday party will take place. Nice invitations you can buy for a few cents on Aliexpress. The cost is $ 2.79 for 10 pieces.

7. Funny Masks for Birthday Party.

funny masks for a birthday party

Funny Animal Masks. Let the children have funny masks to have fun at the party. These will be great for planned birthday animations. The cost for 10 items is $ 1.87.

8. Birthday Set of 50 pieces.

Birthday set aliexpress

Birthday Set. Instead of completing individual pieces, you can buy the entire birthday set right away. The set contains whistles, tops, stickers, funny glasses. It costs $ 9.99.

9. Birthday Crown or Caps.

birthday crown aliexpress

Birthday Crown. Now no one will have any doubts as to how many years the solenizer is finishing. In the crown every solenizer will look dignified and dignified. The cost of the crown is $ 2.17.

10. Muffin decorations.

decorations for  muffins aliexpress

Muffin decorations. Muffins are an increasingly popular alternative to the birthday cake. They will be a beautiful decoration of your table, and for this are very practical for a large number of guests. Well-decorated, they will enjoy not only the eye but also the stomach. Mickey Mouse toppers cost $ 1.81  for 12 pieces. The set also includes cardboard mold covers.

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