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TOP 10 Equestrian Goods On Aliexpress

If you ride a recreational or competitive ride, do horse riding or you are interested in horse racing, you are certainly looking for good quality equipment for yourself and your mount.

Do not hesitate and check what equestrian products are offered by Aliexpress. This Chinese store will surprise you with a wide offer and a wide selection of equestrian accessories. Choose the best products from Aliexpress and do not overpay.

See now what riding accessories you buy at a good price on Aliexpress.

TOP 10 Equestrian Goods On Aliexpress

Horse Wip

Horse Whip

Horse Whip. The whip is made of the highest quality PU leather, thanks to which it is flexible and at the same time resistant to wear. The soft and smooth design is comfortable and does not damage the skin. The handle provides comfort. Also suitable for beginners and BDSM lovers. The price of this whip is $ 1.28.

LED chain for highlighting the horse’s tail

led chain for tail highlighting aliexpress

LED chain for the Tail Horse Illumination. The length of the tail light is approximately 100 cm (39.37 “). The tail lights up after charging about 3 hours. It is powered by a 120 Ma Li-polymer battery. An excellent gift for a horse-riding enthusiast and for your horse. The price of this light tail is $ 16.99.

LED Breastplate For Horse from Aliexpress

LED Breastplate for aliexpress horse

LED Breastplate for the Horse. LED breastplate to choose from: blue, red and green. Battery life is about 50 hours. This is a wonderful decoration for your horse, you will feel honored and visible from a distance. The price of this horse harness is $ 15.99.

LED Strips for the Horse’s Head

led stripes on the horse's head

LED Strips for the Horse’s Head. Reflective LED strips are made of high quality polyester tape. The strips have super bright LEDs. We can choose from stripes in various colors: red / yellow / blue / green / orange / black / pink. Make horse riding a pleasure and buy for these wonderful evening car ornaments. The price for one belt is $ 6.67.

Braided Whip for Horse Riding

Braided Whip for Horse Riding aliexpress

Horse Whip. The bat was made of leather. The handle is wooden and covered with leather. The length of the whip is 70 and 80 cm. The price of a 70 cm long whip is $ 10.98.

Equestrian Gloves from Aliexpress

equestrian gloves aliexpress

Riding Gloves from Aliexpress. High quality gloves for riding, are durable and made of strong material. They protect the delicate skin of the hands during horse riding. Thanks to them you will have full comfort. The cost of a pair of gloves is $ 6.99.


Horsewhip aliexpress

Horsewhip. The total length of thewhip is 65 cm. The spindle has a rubber handle with a loop and is finished with a thick leather slapper used for disciplining. The price is $ 6.23.
Protective Face Mask

Equestrian Face Protection Mask

maska ochronna na twarz aliexpress

Equestrian Protective Face Mask. The Airsoft Strike mask was made partly of a strong wire. The mask is used for protection during fast driving. It is durable and reliable, it will give you full comfort of use. The cost of the mask is $ 11.87.

Breeches for Horse riding

breeches for horse riding aliexpress

Breeches for horse riding. Women’s riding breeches are extremely comfortable. The high quality is guaranteed by breathable material and cotton. Pants are available in various sizes. A pair of ladies breeches on Aliexpress costs $ 26.59.

A comb for combing a horse’s mane

comb for tailing tail aliexpress

Comb for combing Horse’s Mane. The Horse Care comb was made of high quality stainless steel. It has a polished surface and beautiful design. It is perfect for the daily care of horses and ponies. The price of this nice comb is $ 3.51.

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