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The 8 Most Popular Binoculars On Aliexpress

Binoculars are the basic equipment for anyone who likes sports and spending time outdoors. The binoculars will help you observe animals, birds, beautiful mountain view or sea horizon.

Do not overpay for expensive binoculars in branch stores. Buy binoculars on Aliexpress and see that you can have good equipment at a low price. Tactical binoculars, binoculars for watching matches and theatrical performances, binoculars for hunting, binoculars for hiking trips.

Buy the best binoculars for your needs and enjoy good quality items. Aliexpress is waiting for you.

The 8 Most Popular Binoculars on Aliexpress

1. Mini Binoculars from Aliexpress

The 8 Most Popular Binoculars on Aliexpress

Binoculars from Aliexpress. Compact 30X60 foldable binoculars for observation. The binoculars enlarge the image 8x closer. The binoculars are suitable for bird watching, sports and outdoor shows, such as air shows. Reliable in sailing and tourism. Each traveler should obtain such a pair of binoculars. The price of binoculars on Aliexpress is $ 10.

2. Professional Binoculars 10-120 × 80 Aliexpress

 binocular binocular

Professional Aliexpress Binoculars. Professional binoculars with pouch. It has been made of high quality materials and is reliable. A large eyepiece gives completely new visual experiences. The cost of this binoculars is $ 45.59.

3. Little Military Binoculars

a little military binocular aliexpress

Military binoculars. Practical binoculars. You can put it in your pocket. It is small and does not take up much space. Loretka gives a good magnification and a clean image. The binoculars will enlarge the picture 40 times. The price is $ 14.04.

4. The CIWA 8 × 21 binoculars

8 × 21 binoculars. The main features of this binoculars are:
+ Light and pocket size (4.14 × 3.62 × 2.35 inch, 180g)
+ BK7 prism (optical glass)
+ Fully coated optics for better brightness
+ Easy to set up, ideal for operas, concerts, theaters, performances, travels, safaris, bird watching, wildlife, walking, climbing. as well as other forms of outdoor recreation.
Model: 8 x 21
Magnification: 8 X
Diameter of the lens: 21 mm
Diameter of the eyepiece: 12 mm
Field angle: 6 degrees
Field view: 369 ft / 1,000Yds and 131m / 1000m
Diameter of the exit pupil: 5.2 mm
Miosis: 16 mm
Focal length: 2m
Prism: BK7
Coated: coated with Multi-FCM green lacquer
Product size: 4.14 x 3.62 x 2.35 inches
Product weight: 180g
CIWA has been the leader in the optical systems industry for over 10 years. The price of the binoculars is $ 17.10.

5. Binoculars Night Vision 60 × 60

binocular night vision 60x60

Binoculars Night Vision 60 × 60. The binoculars have night vision support (in a place where there is little light). Especially useful for travel, field work, forestry, electricity, telecommunications, fire protection, border control, transport and other construction units. The price is $ 20.39.
Binoculars specification:
Model: 7 * 50 binoculars
Diameter of the lens: 50 mm
Material: metal mirror body, optical glass
Swing mirror: K9
Coat: rubber skin
The size of the outer packaging: 44 * 43 * 44cm
Magnification: 60 times
The diameter of the target: 50 mm
Angle: 8.2 degrees
Size: 160 x 180 mm (S x W)
Distance: 5-3000m

6. Long Range Binoculars

Long Range Binoculars

Long Range Binoculars. Long-range binoculars. With this binoculars you can even see the craters of the moon! The Borwolf brand focuses on optical products, the production and sale of telescopes and binoculars. The price of Borwolf binoculars is $ 65.28.

7. Binoculars for observation

binocular for observation aliexpress

Binoculars For Observation. 10X25 HD binoculars with green film. The binoculars are fully waterproof and we will get a magnified image 10 times. The price of this practical binoculars is $ 18.35.

8. 10 × 50 HD Vision Binoculars

10x50 hd vision binoculars

10 × 50 HD Vision Binoculars. The best compact binoculars. This portable Beileshi 10X50 binoculars with a violet coating on the optical lens will allow you to have a clear view of any target without hindrance, regardless of whether you are looking for birds, hunting, climbing, fishing or even attending sporting events!
Features of Binoculars:
– High-powered HD binoculars: 10 × 50 magnification with a 50 mm focal length lens.
– Easy focusing
– Wide field of view
– Durable rubber protective coating.
– The price of the Binoculars is $ 27.54.

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