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The Best Sports Accessories Under $10

No matter what sport you are doing, whether climbing or racing or whether you are interested in cycling. Or maybe you are only looking for a trip backpack with the appropriate number of compartments? Now you can look around for cheap sports accessories on Aliexpress, you’ll find everything you need and most importantly, you will not overpay. You can also count on free shipping. Let’s see the most popular sports accessories below $10 and make a satisfying shopping today.

The Best Sports Accessories Under $10

AliExpress – LED Bicycle Light.The 100-liter LED lamp has a compact size, a lightweight design and is resistant to rainwater. The housing is made of 100% new PC + ABS material. It has a 600 mAh lithium battery. Easy to install without any tools. We can choose from the following colors: red, white, red / blue, red / white, red / white / pink. Full charge in 2 hours.
Lamp lighting time:
– Full brightness: about 3.5 hours
– Half Bright: about 7 hours
– Explosive bright: about 11 hours
– SOS: about 13 hours
The lamp costs $ 4.32.

AliExpress – Bicycle Mounting Bracket.A handle made of aluminum and carbon alloy.
• Extended support for fixing lamps, horns, speedometers, sound boxes, etc.
• CNC metal alloy bracket with inserts
• Compatible with most blades
• Fasten with a screw, a strong and secure fastening on the rod
The handle costs $ 2.72.

AliExpress – Outdoor Backpack.Tourist backpack in various colors with a capacity of 10L. The backpack sizes are as follows: tall 41 * wide 23 * thick 15 cm. It is made of waterproof nylon and has a strong lining. The backpack costs $ 5.21.

AliExpress – Bicycle Fender. – 100% New brand and high quality.
– Easy to install, easy to disassemble.
– Super durability.
– Keeps the bike clean.
– The mudguard keeps dirt and water away from the face.
– 8 colors to choose from.
– Size: 26.5 * 22 cm, 9 * 7.8 cm
– The fender costs $ 2.59.
AliExpress – Waterproof Backpack Cover.This tactical backpack cover is available in sizes 40L, 60L and 80L. It is super-strong and one hundred percent waterproof. It also protects our backpack from dirt and mud. Irreplaceable during mountain climbing, endurance runs or trekking. Available in army green and camuflage colors. The cover can be purchased from $ 0.99.
AliExpress – Spacious Ball Bag.Nylon net for balls can hold up to 10 pieces at a time. Made of white and red reticular cord. The bag is about 90 cm long. If you are a fan of football or basketball and you have more than one ball at home, you can easily put them all in this extremely practical bag. The cost is $ 1.68.
AliExpress – IGOSKI Ski Boots Protectors. Ski boot protectors protect against snow and help maintain good condition of shoes. They are waterproof and warm. An indispensable piece of equipment for every skier. A pair of protectors costs $ 9.69.
AliExpress – Non-slip Spikes for Ice Walking.Useful when climbing or walking on a slippery surface. Rubber shoe covers are easy to put on, practical and cost a little, and can really help you walk on slippery surfaces, such as an icy pavement. Overlays cost $ 1.68.

AliExpress – FlyBomb Tennis Racket.Soft, moisture-absorbing and non-slip pad for tennis racket and badminton racket. The overlay consists of a soft belt that perfectly absorbs sweat and protects our hands from imprints caused by an intense game. Suitable for: badminton racket, tennis rackets, fishing races, etc. The cost of one strap is $ 0.99.

AliExpress – Tips for darts. 30 sets. The cat does not like to shoot at the target sometimes? Now we have the opportunity to prepare original darts with the help of these professional tips. The cost of $ 5.47.

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