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You can work out in the gym or outdoors, and amateur sports gained a lot of popularity in recent years. A little bit of exercise will allows you to lose weight, feel better and improve health, and it can show your capabilities. It is also good to work out, just to feel better. We’ve chosen some of the best and most popular sports items from Aliexpress below.

Elastic band – there are probably a thousand different exercises that can be done with this stretchable and flexible tape, exercising the arms, legs or abdomen, so it is an indispensable tool for training at home (or outdoors too). It occupies little space, it can be taken anywhere, and you will easily find ideas for training with this tape on the Internet. These tapes can be easily bought on Aliexpress with free delivery worldwide, at a price of just $3.

Elastic band

Sports bra – Sports bras are supporting and stabilizing the breasts during exercise in the gym or while jogging or doing aerobic and are therefore indispensable for active women. On Aliexpress you will find an excellent selection of such bras, and the most popular model is only $3 USD. Available in several sizes and in different colors.

Sports bra

Gym gloves – non-slip gloves which provide stability while exercising. They are used in crossfit, weightlifting and all the other sports that require handling gym devices. The soft interior absorbs perspiration and different colors – from pink and purple to black and gray – ensures that both men and women can choose their favorite variant. Less than $  per pair, so you won’t find those gloves anywhere cheaper.

Gym gloves

Xiaomi Mi 2 Band – This Xiaomi band with Android OS is popular among amateur athletes and professionals and has many interesting features. It is worn on wrist and measures pulse, time, number of steps, distance traveled. Thanks to the app it can be combined with any phone running Android and would automatically upload your results to a computer. The battery is charged via the USB port and lasts for about 20 days without charge on standby. You can buy original Xiaomi band on Aliexpress, at a brilliant price $ 27.5.

Xiaomi Mi 2 Band

Leggings for exercise – another indispensable clothing for active women. These are typical leggings for the gym or for runners available in several colors and sizes from XS to L. Price – $5 pre pair.


Hand training device – This neat piece of gym quipment is used to exercise hand muscles by squeezing it at the desired weight. It is used in training, as well as in the recovery of hand, for instance after fractures. Regular use will rebuild muscle and facilitate efficient recovery. This model has adjustable weight, with the possibility of setting it up to 40 kg. Price: $ 3.67.

Hand training device Aliexpress

Loose gym t-shirtpopular gym fashion for women. Loose t-shirt for exercise, priced at $ 5.40. Available in 8 different colors.

aliexpress fitness

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