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Fitness and Body Building – The Most Popular Exercise Equipment

The body building method is well known to all who care about health and attitude. A suitable weekly plan will provide you with intensity of exercise, healthy gymnastics and, over time, the pleasure of the results. If only you have good equipment, you can create a gym at home. You do not need a lot of space, even in the smallest apartment you will find a gym for dumbbells, a mat and other accessories for Yoga, Fitness and Bodybuilding.

You’ll be amazed at how cheap you can acquire basic equipment that will help you get your dream figure. With satisfaction, do exercises at home, in the open air or with the window open. Breathe deeply and relax your mind. View the most popular fitness equipment on Aliexpress, do not overpay in expensive sports stores and become a healthier version of yourself.

Fitness and Body Building – The Most Popular Fitness Equipment on Aliexpress

flexible crossfit aliexpress

Elastic Headbands Crossfit / Pilates. Elastic bands for muscle strength exercises will help us maintain a correct posture. They are made of natural rubber, durable. We can buy bands of various thickness. The price is from $ 3.99.

adjustable skipping rope

Adjustable Fitness Skipping rope. This is not just an ordinary skipping rope. It was made of steel wire + PVC to rotate even faster and force the legs to continue training. The skip rope is 3m long – it can be adjusted. Jump rope is resistant to sprains and bending, increases reliability, speed and durability. Jumping is one of the best vascular exercises in the cardiovascular system that gives immediate results and at the same time is cheap and can be done anywhere, anytime.
This skipping rope is an ideal tool for quickly losing weight, toning and maintaining muscle tension, costs $ 2.97.

multifunction pedometer

Multifunctional Pedometer. This high-quality pedometer pedometer is durable and usable for a long time. Portable and stylish design is energy-saving and ecological. This is a very helpful device during exercise. Steps are from 0 to 99,999. The device price is $ 2.19.

Features of the pedometer:
– Step counter, distance and calorie calculation
– LCD display, easy to read
– Long-lasting battery (battery included)
– Size: approx. 4.5 x 3.4 x 2.2 cm
– Material: ABS + silica gel

Grip Power Aliexpress

Power Grip for strengthening the wrist muscles. This hand-held training device is made of high-quality, durable material. The handle is light, easy to carry. It is suitable for the active men and women who practice everyday at home or in the office. Ideal for strength training, flexibility and balance exercises in combination with various training programs. Grip Power will help you maintain mobility, and the handle can be adjusted. The price of the device is $ 9.19.

massage ball

Massage ball. Ball designed for therapeutic massage, it was made of non-toxic and safe for the skin material. With it, we will do deep massage of a large muscle group. Perfect for use after an intense workout or stressful day. The cost of the ball is $ 4.79.

training straps for hanging

Training belts. Belts for intense training of individual muscle groups will allow you to get the desired figure. They favorably affect blood transport, teach coordination, provide optimal crossfit exercises every day. The belts are used to hang on a special construction or rod. The price of the set depends on the chosen model, it starts from the amount of $ 17.51 .

a tool for measuring the thickness of body fat

Fat Tissue Measurement Tool. The adipose measuring tape is a device for every person who carefully controls their body weight and cares for their diet. Thanks to the measure, you will measure your fat in the body by measuring the skin fold. Refer to the fat tissue interpretation table to determine the percentage of adipose tissue and its importance. The cost of the scoop is $ 3.99.

double massage ball

Device for self-massage of the back. The massage made with this device effectively relaxes the muscles. Also suitable for arm, neck or foot massage. With the help of the device, everyone can do a simple massage on the connective tissue. Suitable for neck, shoulders, calf, Achilles tendon and back massage. The cost of the device is $ 2.37.

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