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Disc Golf on Aliexpress: Awesome Sets from China

Hello Golfers, this wonderfully quirky sports discipline is quickly gaining traction and there are more and more people interesting in throwing these colorful discs away in nice scenery. So if you’re an avid disc golfer and are looking for some really good discs or other equipment, try Aliexpress and buy it straight from the source. Chinese manufacturers sell the same gear online and you can get it with big discounts, starting at $9.99 and with  free shipping worldwide! Take a look at what you can find on Aliexpress and see if there’s anything you fancy.

Aliexpress Golf Discs

Cute Yikun Disc: This special edition disc was made for Yikun’s 10th anniversary (the popular company that makes these discs) and is limited. Features some cute drawings japanese style with big carp (or goldfish), so can be popular with girls! $19.99 with free shipping. Full color version is $25.

yikun discs aliexpress


Yikun does make quality stuff, and this PDGA approved disc weighs 175 g and was made with Double Ring SHELL overmold technology. We also like the sword design, and there are several colors to pick. Really gives you an edge over the opponents!

pdga approved disc

Disc Bag: So now that you have your shiny new discs, how about a bag to  hold all your discs? This one is available in 4 colors and you can get it for $20.99. Really solid and well made, it would serve you well!

bag golf disc

How about a full set? This PDGA approved set of three 21 cm discs with distinct characteristics is great way to kickstart the hobby or grew your collection. Only $39.99 with free shipping to US and Europe and buyers rate it 4.8/5!

disc aliexpress China

Among most popular sellers, YiKun has probably the biggest stock and the best gear you can get, and it’s a brand that makes discs for ten years now. You can’t go wrong with Yikun, so we recommend you this store very much for more deals.

aliexpress disc golf

Happy golfing and we wish you a lots of points and exciting games!

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