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Beautiful Wedding Dresses on a Budget from Aliexpress

The wedding is a once in a lifetime event (well, for most girls at least), and the planning can be very time-consuming. Thankfully, as usual, Aliexpress has got you covered and it stocks everything you’ll need for the wedding, including beautiful dress for this special moment. See the unique dresses at bargain prices, that you can get for literally less than 100 bucks. You will look beautiful in a fabulous creation and present perfectly on the wedding pictures. So ditch all the expensive salons – especially when you’re on a budget and planning a frugal wedding. And we assure you – the quality of <$100 dress is just as great as in all these overpriced $5000 dresses.

Just remember that before you buy, read all the information provided on the product page and you can also ask seller for more information, if you’re curious. If you haven’t bought from China yet, read our handy guide to Aliexpress – it’s really easy and safe to get your girl from across the pond.

Unique Wedding Dresses on Aliexpress

aliexpress wedding dress

Dress with tulle and pearls. The quality is high, a lot of pearls have been sewn all over the top of the lace and it looks really cute and romantic. In total, the 7-layer skirt and 5-layer tulle make the dress worthy of a real princess. It’s a good choice for a wedding. The price for the dress is just $86.39 with a free delivery worldwide.

aliexpress wedding dress2

Wedding dress with lace. This beautiful wedding dress is a real deal. It comes from a professional wedding dress factory supplying high quality clothes. The material used to sew this dress is white lace and white satin. The cost is $58.08 and free shipping.

AliExpress3 wedding dress

Wedding dress with lacing on the back. A beautiful, classic wedding dress that will emphasize your shoulders and cleavage. A nice opening on the back will additionally highlight all the strengths of your figure. The price of this dress is $68.72.

aliexpress wedding dress4

Wedding dress with bare shoulders. Dress with bare shoulders and beautiful lace. Beautifully underline your slim waist and make the groom not take your eyes off you. The dress has a six-layer skirt and costs $ 79.19.

aliexpress wedding dress5

Wedding dress with straps. Simple dress with straps, comfortable and also busts nicely. You will look girlish and fresh in it. The price of the dress is $ 44.68.

aliexpress wedding dress6

Wedding dress with a deep neckline. This sexy dress will perfectly highlight your strengths and the cut will expose your legs nicely. The material is pleasant to the touch and nicely arranged. The dress costs $ 42.25.

aliexpress wedding dress7

Wedding dress with a belt of crystals. A dress with a traditional cut, made of white material. It has a corset, its decoration is shiny crystals sewn at the height of the waist.

aliexpress wedding dress8

Wedding dress with sleeves. This model will not only reveal your arms, but will also expose your beautiful swan neck. The dress has been nicely sewn, with a wide cleavage in the shape of a boat, the hem of the dress trimmed with lace. The waist will be emphasized by a small white bow. The wedding dress costs $ 48.02. The delivery is free.

aliexpress wedding dress9

An elegant wedding dress. The elegant dress is additionally decorated with lace. Made of high quality organza and lace. The dress costs $ 82.70.

aliexpress wedding dress10

Wedding dress with long sleeves. The long sleeves are transparent and sewn with lace. The dress is also decorated with pearls. For this it has a detachable bottom, we can make it a shorter creation, for example for a wedding, then it will not tangle in the dance. The price of a wedding dress on Aliexpress is $ 114.68.

aliexpress wedding dress11

Classic wedding dress. A simple classically sewn wedding dress without decorations, especially for those ladies who value chic and minimalist style. The price is $ 60.68.

aliexpress wedding dress12

A short wedding dress. The dress reveals sexy legs. Designed for brides who are not afraid to experiment with fashion. It’s available in different colors if you’re not in the mood for traditional white. The price? Just $42!

vintage aliexpress wedding dress

Vintage Wedding Dress. An exceptionally sensual dress. Highlight your wasp and waist. The dress is made of lace and does not have sleeves. Just $199.36 with free shipping! If you’re interest in more wedding stuff in general, be sure to check also wedding gifts list on Aliexpress – lots of really great stuff there!

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