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Top10 Captivating Underwear Sets Under $13

Captivating and unique lingerie sets can be bought on Aliexpress. You will be surprised by their extremely attractive price. Low price is the main impulse to buy, you will not find cheaper lace underwear. Try it for yourself, which does not differ from the luxury lingerie of the leading brands.

For several years, the Chinese portal has been gradually enriching the lingerie offer especially for the Europeans and Americans. More and more Asian sellers want to reach their consumers directly with their goods, bypassing expensive agents. That’s why on Aliexpress we can find underwear with the size EUR, with a large selection of larger sizes of bras. Convince yourself and decide in which fashion you will feel best.

Captivating Underwear Sets Under $13

1. A set from Lace.

set of aliexpress lingerie

Lace set. Comfortable and practical set of underwear will serve you for a long time. You can choose among shades of pink, black and blue. The set costs $ 5.98.

2. A set of underwear with a garter belt.

a set of underwear with a garter belt

A set of underwear with a garter belt. A seductive set in white will be useful for your wedding night. Red and black colors are also available. Such underwear will reveal the predatory side of your femininity. The set costs $ 11.89.

3. Set of underwear Powder Pink.

set of underwear powder pinkSet of underwear powder pink. Extremely elegant and sensual set has slightly translucent panties. Perfect for everyday clothes and dresses. A set of underwear costs $ 5.38.

4. Transparent underwear.

AliExpress transparent underwear

Transparent underwear. The translucent set of underwear is extremely sexy and seductive. Made of transparent material on a lightweight whale, it gently supports the bust. The set costs $ 11.86.

5. A set of Underwear made of Violet Lace.

violet underwear set aliexpressSet of Violet Underwear. A delicate, very girly set of underwear will emphasize your curves in an extremely subtle way. The set costs $ 13.23.

6. Comfortable Set of Lingerie.

convenient underwear set aliexpress

A set of underwear Mint. Comfortable set of pastel-colored mint lingerie will make your day pleasant and will make you feel extremely feminine. Also available in fashionable gray or white. The set costs $ 10.43.

7. Set with shorts.

set of underwear with  shorts aliexpress

A set of underwear with shorts. The elegant bra has been finished with lace, and the shorts are also lace fashionable hipsters. Nice to emphasize your hips. The set costs $ 6.49.

8. Push-Up Sports Set.

athletic push-up aliexpress

Sports underwear set. A charming sports set with a bra that gives a push-up effect. A practical set of underwear every day, modern design, not marked under clothing. A set of this underwear costs $ 10.10 and is also available in other colors.

9. Sexy Set of Lingerie.

sexy aliexpress underwear set

Sexy Set of Lingerie. A wine-colored set will warm up the atmosphere in the bedroom. It will look phenomenal in it. Bra is captivating and has decorative strips emphasizing the neckline, panties were made of high quality lace. The cost of the set is 8.95.

10. Comfortable Underwear Set.

comfortable underwear set aliexpress

A comfortable set of underwear. This comfortable set is a standard in the wardrobe of every woman. A nice-fitting bra will display what’s most important and the slightly translucent panties will make you feel very seductive. The set costs $ 12.75.

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