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Top 8 Nails Accessories On Aliexpress

Beautiful well-groomed nails every day. Now it is possible thanks to the Aliexpress store, which has a dedicated category of Nail Art & Tools. On Aliexpress, we buy nail stickers, varnishes, care accessories and manicure tools.

Get all the items you need on Aliexpress. See a huge selection of nail care articles. Make Manicure and Pedicure with the fantastic accessories found on Aliexpress.

Your nails deserve to provide them with the best nutrients, varnishes, and nutrients. Well-groomed hands are your showcase – remember this every day. Do not overpay for nail gels, nail polish remover, conditioners and stickers. Focus on what is most important, that is, the pleasures of well-groomed and beautiful hands.

Pamper your nails and buy on Aliexpress for little money. See what else you might like. To work!

Top 8 Nails Accessories on Aliexpress

1. Nail Polish Soak – Off Hybrid UV & LED


Nail hybrid polish uv led aliexpress

Nail polishes Hybrid UV & LED. Extremely durable resin-based varnishes. Cured with UV & Led lamps. A 7 ml bottle costs $ 1.09.

2. Nails Stickers

AliExpress nails stickers

Water Stickers On Nails. Stickers for DIY nail art. After purchase, we receive 1 sheet of Nail Art Stickers. You can choose patterns of flower stickers, plants, cats, butterflies, fruits. Applique Stickers On Nails:

  1. Clean and polish nails; paint your nails and dry them.
  2. Remove the product film, cut the pattern and immerse it in water for 10-20 seconds.
  3. Moisten the nails, glue the pattern in place.
  4. Distribute the water with a paper towel and dry it.
  5. Apply clear nail polish and dry.

The price for one sticker sheet is $ 0.33.

3. Sequins On Nails Aliexpress

Sequins on  nails aliexpress

Sequins On Nails. Beautiful, shimmering sequins for nail art. We can choose from stars, hearts, moon, smiles and flowers.1 a pack of sequins in the form of thin petals costs $0.41.
How to use sequins for nails:

  1. Prepare your nails with the uv base coat and scar it under the UV / LED lamp
  2. Apply a colored UV gel
  3. Apply the sequins on your nails
  4. Trim it under the UV / LED lamp
  5. Seal it with uv top coat and bend it under the UV / LED lamp

4. Glitter On Nails Aliexpress 

Glitter On Nails Aliexpress

Glitter on Nails. Glitter in the form of a fine powder in shades of silver and gold. After purchase, we get 10 g of high-quality brocade. If you want to get a beautiful effect on your nails, follow the instructions below:

  • Use this powder to create a mirror-image effect for your nails
  • The nail color effect will be different for different base colors
  • Each box is equipped with a sponge for easy handling
    The nail art kit includes:
    1 x Chrome Chrome Nail powder
    1 x Sponge

The price is $ 0.86.

5. Nail Gels in Jars 

Nail gels in Jars. Colored 2in1 gels. Paint Design UV LED. We can choose up to 180 colors. The jar contains 5 ml of gel and costs $ 0.52.

6. Nails Art Brushes Nail Art Liner

brushes for nail art liner aliexpress

Nail Art Liner. The brushes have plastic hair, metal and fiber. The set contains three brushes: red, blue, green. Fiber length: approx. 0.8 cm, 1.2 cm and 1.6 cm. The brushes are perfect for mixing varnishes and gels. Liners allow you to create beautiful nail designs in a few seconds. Perfect for a professional nail care salon. The price of the Art Liner set is only $ 0.83.

7. Phosphorescent Neon Nail Powder

phosphorescent neon nail powder

Fluorescent Neon Nail Powder. Your nails will glow in the dark. You can choose from 10 colors of powders. The luminescence effect is guaranteed. Price of 1 jar with a glowing powder is $ 0.53.

8. Black And White Stickers On Nails Cartoon

black and white the best on  nails aliexpress

Black And White Stickers On Nails. After purchase, we receive 1 sheet of stickers to be used. We decorate nails with stickers. These are modern cartoon patterns of animals that look good. For extravagant women who know what they want. The price of 1 sticker sheet is only $ 0.32 with a free worldwide shipping.

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