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Reliable Clocks and Alarm Clocks On Aliexpess

Buy an alarm clock on Aliexpress and never sleep to work anymore. Modern design and beautiful design make the clocks from Aliexpress not only indicate the time, but also are the perfect decoration of your home.

See the rich offer of traditional alarm clocks, nice wall clocks and decorative accessories on Aliexpress.

A good clock should hang on the wall in every house. See what solutions about the clocks offered by Aliexpress. See for yourself that an alarm clock does not have to be a boring necessity. The retro style is still fashionable, and your bedroom will become an aesthetic kingdom. Below we offer the most popular and reliable alarm clocks and clocks on Aliexpress.

Reliable Clocks and Alarm Clocks On Aliexpess

big wall clock aliexpress

Large Wall Clock. The clock is powered by batteries. It is a DIY clock for self-assembly. We stick the clock’s digits to the wall. The clock is suitable for the living room, but also for the office room, reception, etc. The price of this clock is $ 9.55.

alarm clock LED projector aliexpress

Alarm clock LED Projector. You will never sleep with this alarm clock. The alarm clock has the following functions:

– LCD time display
– alarm and 10-minute snooze function
– the alarm clock is powered by 3 AAA batteries
– the alarm clock has a built-in projector that displays the time on the wall
– the price of the LED alarm clock is on Aliexpress $ 8.10.

alarm clock with the  mirror function aliexpress

Alarm clock with Mirror Function. The alarm clock has a LED display that not only displays the time, but also serves as a make-up mirror. The alarm clock has a built-in temperature sensor and indicates the indoor temperature of the room. The alarm clock has a snooze function: The snooze time can be set between 5 and 60 minutes. The alarm clock has a large numeric display with a choice of 12-24 hours format. With the help of this alarm clock you will also make perfect makeup. The alarm clock is suitable for home, desk, bedroom, office and is also a nice decoration. The price on Aliexpress is $ 8.22.

wall clock modern aliexpress

Modern Wall Clock. The clock can be hung on the wall but it also works perfectly as a clock on a table. It is an energy-saving clock with the possibility of adjusting the brightness of the displayed digits. The clock also acts as an alarm clock. This modern design will also work in your home. The price of this clock is $ 12.14.

wall clock quartz aliexpress

Wall Clock Quartz. This quartz clock is extremely elegant. It’s a great decoration of your living room or other room. The clock has acrylic stickers to stick on the wall. The price of this 47inch clock is $ 10.99.

hourglass aliexpress

Hourglass Aliexpress. The hourglass is the oldest clock known to mankind. You can buy an hourglass with colored sand and enjoy the view of the passage of time. The set contains up to 5 hourglasses: a 30-second hourglass, a 1-minute, 3-minute, 5-minute hourglass and a 10-minute hourglass. Hourglasses are made of durable PVC, ABS, glass tube and sand. They are perfect for cooking, games and exercises. Hourglass is also great fun for your children and decoration. The price of a set consisting of 5 different hourglasses is $ 2.35.

vinyl clock star wars aliexpress

Clock Vinyl Star Wars. Clock made of vinyl with the motif from the movie Star Wars. A beautiful gift for Star Wars lovers and stylish gadgets. The clock has a high quality quartz movement. It is a retro clock in the style of Horloge Murale Design Moderne. Make your room modern and quirky thanks to this amazing clock. This vintage clock is made of old vinyl records that may have scratches, it’s quite normal. The clock is $ 17.

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