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Aliexpress: TOP10 Decoration for BABY SHOWER

Are you expecting a baby and organizing Baby Shower in the near future? Or are you on the organizing committee and are looking for the best accessories for the party? Well, you hit, because Aliexpress has prepared very nice decorations and accessories for Baby Shower, which you can buy at promotional prices. Today we present the most popular 10 things that are worth buying so that your party not only delighted guests but was also a pride and remembrance for your whole life.

Coming to the world of a child is the happiest moment for any future mother. And the additional waiting time is a great opportunity to organize the best Baby Shower party in the world. Now, thanks to the decorations bought on Aliexpress, you will conjure miracles turning a normal room or garden into a real fantasy land. You will be delighted with how easy it is to create the atmosphere of the best Baby Shower fun. To work!

TOP10 Decoration for BABY SHOWER from Aliexpress

1. Chain with Photos

picture frames for hanging

Eco-friendly picture frames for hanging. Pictures hung on a string like a beautiful chain with memories? Why not! In the set, in addition to the string, we receive wooden buckles and 10 pieces of ecological photo frames. The set costs $ 2.95.

2. Baby Shower Sashes

sashes for baby shower aliexpress

Sashes “Mummy to be”. Made of soft satin sashes are perfect for Baby Shower and gift. With the subtitles “Mummy To Be”, “Nanny To Be”, “Aunty To Be”.

3. Balloons for a Baby Shower

balloons for a baby shower

Balloons for a Baby Shower. Balloons are of course the basic decoration of every party. And if they are additionally as beautiful as those above, then we have guaranteed a good atmosphere for Baby Shower. A set of balloons was created separately for a girl and separately for a boy. A set of 13 balloons includes: a pacifier balloon, a balloon in the shape of a bottle, a balloon in the shape of a boy or girl (depending on the set) and a balloon in the shape of an infant’s foot. The price on Aliexpress is $ 4.24.

4. Inflatable Baby Shower Letter

puffed words oh baby aliexpress

OH BABY inflatable inscription. We will put blown, elegant letters into a beautiful inscription, thanks to which no one will have any doubts about what the reception is about. On Aliexpress you’ll find lots of decorations but you have to admit that these are extremely successful and high quality. We will pay $ 2.07 for blown letters. We can choose from various subtitles such as “Baby Shower”, “Its a Boy”, “Its a Girl”.

5. Toppers for Muffins and Cake

toppers for cake and muffins

Toppers for Muffins and Cake. Sweet decorations for cakes, paper toppers with children’s themes, all of this will be useful if you organize a Baby Shower. Aliexpress is in a hurry to help you and offers all accessories for cake decorations at promotional prices. You can buy these beautiful toppers for just $ 1.55.

6. Gift Boxes for Guests

gift boxes for guest aliexpress

Boxes for guests. Charming boxes for guests in which you will find sweets will be a lovely table decoration and additionally a nice decoration. Of course we have a version for girls and boys. The price is 12 pieces of boxes is $ 3.10.

7. Garlands and Chains

garlands and  chains from aliexpress

Garlands and Chains. Beautiful, hanging from the walls and ceiling garlands will decorate the room for Baby Shower beautifully. Conjure them with a dreamlike mood and make the waiting time for a child pass in a joyful atmosphere. 5 pieces of decorations costs from just $ 1.99.

8. Pompoms for Baby Shower

pompoms for baby shower aliexpress

Pompoms for a Baby Shower. Large fluffy pompoms that you can hang from the ceiling or decorate the wall with them. Beautifully decorate the party and make guests feel into the amazing mood of joy accompanying the Bay Shower. The price for 5 pieces of medium pompoms is $ 1.93.

9. Letters from Jute

letters from jute ecological aliexpress

Jute letters. A great and eco-friendly way to get a Baby Shower. You can create a personalized chain with the words you want. It may be an inscription such as Party, Baby Shower or any name. The price with one letter is $ 0.99.

10. Tablecloth with TULLE for the party

tablecloth with  tulle aliexpress

A lovely tulle tablecloth or rather a TULLE SKIRT you can buy on Aliexpress in different colors, blue, pink, white, green. Tablecloth costs $ 10.99.

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