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Aliexpress Now Also for Trendsetters

Sophisticated objects, designer shapes, fashionable style – among other things, shopping on Aliexpress. Now you can dive into the depths of countless categories of this popular store and search for unique things that no one has yet.

Goods from China are no longer cheesy and plastic, as it was thought a decade ago, but nice packaging, good quality assortment and clothing that does not coexist from those found in luxury stores. See how luxury looks at your fingertips, available at a reasonable price.

Aliexpress offers for Trendsetters

1. Mascara Flamingo

flamingo mascara

Mascara in three steps. The mascara thickens and lengthens eyelashes, has a very nice packaging. First apply black ink, then white cream and again black ink. Repeat until the desired effect is obtained. The packaging contains two mascars – one black and one white. The application brushes are ultra-soft with modern fibers. The price for the set is $ 20.89.

2. Evening Bag Heart.

evening bag heart

Purse in the shape of a heart. Purse in vivid red color, beautiful and girlish. It’s about a date or a movie. For those willing, it is also available in black, pink and blue. The purse price is $ 16.80.

3. Shopping Bag Cat

shopping bag cat

Comfortable bag with a cat. The perfect bag for a longer run on the shops. It has a sewn-in zipper, it is capacious and most importantly, it is adorned with beautiful cats. The price for the bag is $ 6.44  with free shipping.

4. Magnetic Smartphone Holder.

magnetic smartphone holder for the car

Car holder for Phone. Nice, design shape of the handle makes, in addition to practical use, also decorates the interior of your car. This magnetic car holder is made of high quality material. Rotated 360 degrees, so you can rotate your smartphone to the desired angle. The handle is universal, its cost is $ 7.12.

5. Cover for the Nintendo Switch.

cover for nintendo switch

Nintendo Switch Console. The smooth and comfortable case is waterproof. Thanks to it, your console will stay without scratches for longer. The price is $ 11.88.

6. Foldable Headphones.

foldable aliexpress headphones

Foldable Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. Headphones perfect for young players. They can be folded and do not take up much space in the backpack. Comfortable and practical headphones cost $ 12.28.

7. Mini Camera.

aliexpress mini camera

Mini Camera on the Clip. Features and specifications of the webcam:
• Two modes: 1080P and 720P modes, high resolution pixels
• Mini size: suitable for all occasions, for recording lessons, meetings, concerts, interviews, dates, etc., etc.
• IR night vision: connect the mini DV to the TV, you can watch the video on the TV screen
• Lightweight, easy to carry: mini DV can attach TF cards (not included), adjustable in 360 ° range, very flexible and comfortable
• Recording in circulation: you do not have to delete previous videos when a moving object appears in the monitoring area, video monitoring will be automatically registered
The camera costs $ 11.24.

8. A set of underwear.

set of aliexpress lingerie

A set of Underwear Navy Blue or White. Comfortable panties and cotton bra included. A classic set from a women’s pantry, which will serve you for a long time. The cost is only $ 6.78.

9. Cotton Sweatshirt with Trendy Printing.

Cotton sweatshirt with fashionable print

Blue Sweatshirt with print. Blue Baby sweatshirt, warm and comfortable. In the middle of cotton and half of polyester, it is soft and pleasant to touch. The cost of the sweatshirt is $ 14.40. Shipping from Aliexpress is free.

10. Seductive Underwear.

seductive lingerie on Aliexpress

A set of Sexy Underwear. This burning senses will break the stereotype in your bedroom. Let yourself be crazy and do not think too much, it will certainly suit you. And if not what, this little piece costs only $ 11.17.

11. Gold Japan Style Watch.

golden watch japan style

Japan Style watch. The waterproof, high quality watch is available in various colors, also black. The watch made of stainless steel costs $ 25.80.

12. Engagement Ring with Rose Gold.

pataya engagement ring

Ring with pink gold. The ring is made of copper, natural zircon and is gold-plated. A perfect gift for your wife and friend. The ring is perfect for a wedding, engagement or anniversaries. The ring costs only $ 5.99, it is PLN 22.

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