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Wipes Makeup Remover On Aliexpress

Aliexpress offers you a wide selection of disposable tissues. Here you will find facial cleanser wipes that will effectively cleanse your face leaving it fresh and moisturized. And at the same time, the wipes have natural plant extracts.

On Aliexpress you can also buy disinfectant wipes impregnated with alcohol. Such tissues will be used to disinfect sanitary facilities, to wipe the computer keyboard or the door handle. Handkerchiefs with alcohol are antiseptic and you should always have them in your purse.

On Aliexpress you can also buy fragrances, delicate and colorful, which will refresh your linen. Put a handkerchief into the dresser and enjoy lavender-smelling underwear.

See what other disposable wipes you can buy on Aliexpress. Do not overpay in stationary stores. Make comfortable and cheap online shopping using this popular Chinese store. See what else you can buy and shop today!

Wipes Makeup Remover On Aliexpress

aliexpress matting face tissues

Face Matting Wipes. They are tissues that absorb excess sebum. Each sheet is soaked in green tea extract. Your face will remain fresh and dull, and you will get rid of the shiny complexion. Have these tissues always with you and use them if necessary. Regular use prevents the formation of blackheads and the shine of the face. The wrappers are natural and safe to use. The price of a tissue box in which there are 100 pieces of matting papers is only $ 1.26.

wipes soaked in aliexpress alcohol

Wipes impregnated with alcohol. The medical wipes are made of non-woven fabric and are soaked in 70% alcohol. They are suitable for cleansing the skin before injecting or disinfecting small cosmetic items. The package contains 100 disposable tissues. The price for the package is $ 2.60.

korean face cleaners

Korean Face Cleansing Tissues. These Korean disposable kawaii style wipes will help you keep your face in good condition. The wipes absorb excess sebum and you can use them wherever you are. Tissues cleanse the skin, matte it and prevent the formation of blackheads. Handkerchiefs from Aliexpress were made in the Korean style. They are colorful, nice and also cheap. It’s good to have such a nice pack of refreshing paper on hand at hand. The price of one package, in which there are 50 items is $ 0.95.

aliexpress ice bag

Ice Bag. The bag is made of the highest quality material and is tight. Put ice cubes in it or crushed ice and put it on the sore place on the body. It will help you to get rid of swelling and pain. Ice bags are in various designs and colors. The ice container costs $ 2.13.

blue aliexpress matting wipes

Blue Matting Wipes. These facial tissues help you keep your skin looking healthy. Use them to remove the shine of the skin, use them also for makeup. If necessary, apply a handkerchief to your nose or forehead and get rid of excess sebum easily. The wipes are disposable. Their cost is for 100 pieces of $ 1.39.

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