The Best Dice For Games On Aliexpress

It does not matter if you are looking for good dice to play RPG, board games or card games. Each social game requires the right accessories and the dice are used most often and it is worth remembering to always have one set of practical cubes. You never know when you want to play!

Play dice game from Aliexpress. You will be surprised by the huge selection of different dice you will find there. If you are interested in battle games or euro games in which dice are used, you’ve come to the right place. You can buy dice for RPGs, Dungeons & Dragons or Magic the Gathering bootlegs, nice, bisected, two-colored and transparent bones. The dice are made of acrylic, it is a very durable material, scratch-resistant. Permanent polyhedral bones will serve you for many years and become your ally in the game. Buy dice to play and play with dwarves, elves, wizards, magicians. It all depends on your imagination. Create a character in the game, show off your skills and choose the best bones for yourself. Search the Aliexpress range and buy the best quality dice today.

The Best Dice For Games On Aliexpress

Aliexpress dice for the game

Dice Set. A colorful set of acrylic dice can be purchased in various colors. Popular on Aliexpress are transparent, black, blue, red and white bones. The set contains 7 pieces of cubes, such as:

1x D4 dice
1x D6
1x D8
1x D10
1x D10%
1x D12
1x D20.

The set of these 7 dice costs $ 1.18.

aliexpress kości do rpg

Aliexpress Dice For RPG. Multicolor dice for RPG have a very nice look. They are very original. This is the basic set of dice for each Game Master. You can buy two-tone bones with numbers in white or gold. The numbers are clearly visible. The bones are practical and perfectly balanced. The set contains polyhedral dices: 1 piece d20, 1 piece d12, 2 pieces d10 (00-90 and 0-9), 1 piece d8, 1 piece d6 and 1 piece d4. The price of a set of 7 pieces of dice for the game is on Aliexpress $ 2.15.

aliexpress bones for dungeons & dragons

Dungeons & Dragons Dice. There are as many as 24 different colors of bones to choose from. Each set contains the following multi-walled dice: D20, D12, D10, D10%, D8, D6, D4. The set price is $ 0.56.

aliexpress dice for erotic games


Dice for Erotic Games. Dice with erotic positions for adult games. We can choose between twelve-walled or six-sided dice. The proposed color is black and white. attention! Bones glow in the dark. The price is $ 0.86.

aliexpress kości do gry1

Erotic Game Dice. Great fun for couples. Bones allow up to 12 different combinations. Enjoy the fun and have a good time in the company of your loved one. Or maybe this innocent fun will turn into something more serious? The price of the bone is $ 0.68.

aliexpress dice for gambling

Dice For Gaming. The set contains 10 pieces of dice. For use in games with friends, social games. It is suitable for gambling games and various games at the table. The price for 10 pieces is $ 1.55.

aliexpress dice for poker

Dice For Poker. Casino, poker and other casino bones, in particular for gambling. These are plastic partial bones. They are suitable for all types and types of social games. The price for 10 pieces is $ 0.85.

aliexpress dice 60 wall

Dice 60 Walls. The dice are about 1.7 inches – 3.5 cm long. They were made of high-quality resin. The dice can be bought for pieces. On Aliexpress, one piece of 60 wall dice is only $ 2.49.

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