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Tapestries Decorative For Your Home From Aliexpress

Tapestries are a perfect decoration for your home and also a great alternative to traditional paintings. Hang a colorful tapestry on the wall and the interior of your apartment will become warm and cozy.

On Aliexpress, you have the choice of decorative tapestries. Beautifully sewn, reminiscent of works of art. Gobelin is the latest fashion cry. Decorate the modern interior, and you will feel extremely cozy.

On Aliexpress you can buy tapestries in geometric patterns, mandalas, hippies and ethnic patterns. You can choose from thousands of different tapestries and choose the right one for you. Below are the best tapestries on Aliexpress. See for yourself if you like any of them.

Tapestries Decorative For Your Home From Aliexpress

tapestry forest and night sky aliexpress

Tapestry forest and night sky. A beautiful tapestry depicts the starry sky and the tops of the trees. You can use it as a decoration hanging on the wall or use as a bedspread, a blanket or even a beach towel. You can choose up to 4 sizes of tapestry. A tapestry sized 150 × 130 cm costs $ 8.49.

tapestry mandala aliexpress

Tapestry Mandala. This is a unique tapestry that you can hang on the wall. You can use it as a wall decoration when you practice yoga or as a bedspread. You can also use this antique tapestry as a yoga mat. It’s a fantastic decoration. The price of this tapestry is $ 8.59.

tapestry galaxy aliexpress

Tapestry Galaxy. Tapestry for decorating a room, office or other room. You can also use it as a towel or exercise mat. The tapestry material is soft and extremely delicate. The price of a tapestry measuring 150 cmx130 cm is $ 8.59.

tapestry astronaut aliexpress

Astronaut tapestry. The tapestry has a size of 130 cm x 150 cm. You hang the tapestry in the room and you can enjoy the beautiful wall decoration. The price is $ 8.99

tapestry planet aliexpress

Tapestry Mysterious Landscape. The yellow-colored tapestry presents a beautiful and at the same time mysterious landscape. It has dimensions of 150 cm x 130 cm and can easily hang it on the wall. This tapestry is a unique decoration, which is a great wall decoration but also has many other uses. You can use it as an image, a picnic blanket or a canopy. It is also an ideal gift. The price of the tapestry on Aliexpress is $ 8.99.

indian  elephant tapestry aliexpress

Indian Tapestry Elephant. This tapestry depicting an Indian elephant is the perfect decoration for your living room. Hang it like an image on the wall and enjoy the unique atmosphere. Feel the power of the exotic and bring the Indian accent home. The price of the tapestry is $ 7.39.

tapestry mandala hippie aliexpress

Tapestry Mandala Hippie. You will use this lovely tapestry as a beach blanket. Enjoy the sun and life, sunbathing on this beautiful hippie style tapestry. If you like original solutions, buy a tapestry and use it in as many ways as you can imagine. The tapestry will work as a curtain, table cloth or bedspread. The price of this tapestry is $ 10.50.

tapestry chakra aliexpress

Tapestry Chakra Aliexpress. The tapestry was made of polyester. It’s colorful, colorful. It will help you meditate, put you in the right mood. You can use the Chakra tapestry in a million ways. It is a suitable decoration for people living in harmony with the world and practicing yoga. The price of this tapestry is on Aliexpress $ 2.22.

tapestry sun moon aliexpress

Tapestry Sun Moon Aliexpress. The tapestry was made of soft and light material. It is light and easy to carry. Tapestry is ideal for decorating walls, sofas or beds. It costs $ 9.50.

tapestry 3d world map aliexpress

Tapestry 3D World Map. Tapestry World Map. Tapestry made in high quality 3D. With this beautiful tapestry with a map of the world, you can decorate a wall, a bed or a couch. The tapestry was made of Cotton. A tapestry measuring 130 × 150 cm costs USD 12.99.

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