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Sweet Molds For Cakes And Muffins

Sweets are never too much. And even better, if delicious cakes take fabulously fanciful shapes. Now possible thanks to the lovely silicone molds. Thanks to them you can make decorations for cakes, tops for cakes, etc. See how easy it is to create sugar works of art.

Sweet Molds For Cakes And Muffins

Non-stick molds

Non-stick molds for Chocolate pralines. Chocolate box full of chocolate pralines, what a sweet and wonderful 🙂 Now you can make them yourself using the sweetest shapes of the silicone mold. You can choose stars, hearts, houses.

Molds are made of the highest quality silicone, they are durable, flexible and non-stick. With their help, you will not only make chocolates, but also sweets and gums. They are resistant to temperatures from -40 to +230 degrees Celsius, safe use in dishwashers, freezers, refrigerators and microwaves. The price for one form is $ 1.29.

kitten molds

Molds. Cats. Molds made one hundred percent from food silicone. Safe for use both in the oven and in the freezer. Molds are reusable, non-stick and easy to clean. They are suitable for cake molds, chocolate molds, jellies etc. Cute little kittens are sweet and mew. The cost of one mold is $ 2.70.

mold cinderella shoe

Cinderella Shoe. Mold for making handmade chocolate, pudding, jelly, sweets, soap, cake top etc. Durable and reusable polycarbonate 3D chocolate mold in the form of a high-heeled shoe. The mold cost is $ 2.68.

mold of baby rompers

Baby Rompers Mold. Silicone mold without smell, soft, waterproof, easy to mold and to clean. Perfect for making cakes, mousses, jellies, chocolate and decorating cakes. Suitable for microwave, toaster and refrigerator. The mold cost is $ 2.15.

cookie cutters hello kitty

Hello Kitty Cookie Cutters. Hello Kitty molds for making gingerbreads and cookies. The cost for two pieces is $ 0.98.

balloon molds aliexpress

Balloons Molds. With their help, you will make perfect sugar decorations for your baby cake. A set of molds costs $ 2.98.

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