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Payments and delivery on Aliexpress

In this article you will find out how to pay for your products purchased on Aliexpress. Following payment methods are available on Aliexpress: credit cards and several electronic payments processor like QIWI or Western Union. In most cases you will pay by Credit Card, which is simplest and safest payment method and use by literally all online stores. Currently, there is no possibility to pay through PayPal.

To pay, you must make a purchase in the manner described in How to buy on Aliexpress article. After adding choosing your brand new things to buy, and adding products to shopping cart, you’ll see following summary screen:

Kupowanie Aliexpress

After checking the details of your purchase, click Place Order button and you will be directed to the payment form.

Płatność Aliexpress

This form is user-friendly, so you can easily pay for your order. Select the type of card – Visa or Mastercard and enter your name, credit card number, expiration date and CVV2 Security Code, which may, or may not be on your card, depending on its type. And that’s it. If payment is successful, you will instantly get information about the successful payment, as well as an email confirmation, that the order has been concluded successfully. Seller should soon send you goods and you will be also notified via e-mail.

How to check the delivery time and status of your Aliexpress parcel?

To check the delivery status, log on to our account Aliexpress, and select My Orders tab and Goods Awaiting Acceptance – Items pending acceptance. A list of items will be displayed.


Click on the order number in the list and scroll down to “Logistics information” row:

Zamówienie Aliexpress

You will see there delivery company which sent the shipment – in most cases, depending on the location it will China Post, Hongkong Post or Singapore Post. Sometimes you can see other delivery companies – for example, as in above, Sweden Post. It means that the parcel will come frome China, but through Sweden Post. Chinese sellers do this sometimes to bypass tariffs. Here you will also find tracking links directly to China Post website and to your country postal service.

To check the status of your shipment, copy the tracking number and enter it on the page:

This is universal tracking service from China, and it will track all deliveries. You will find there information about current location of your parcel. After seller sends your order, parcel will be in a China for a several days, up to weeks, but then it should be delivered to your national post. Finally, parcel will be sent to your local post office, and from there the postman should bring it directly to your door.

How long to wait till your Aliexpress parcel arrives?

Fastest time of delivery is 4-6 days to America or Europe. More often, however, you must be prepared for more typical waiting time which is usually 2-4 weeks.

[box type=”note” ]Attention: Please also note that the tracking code is never available immediately. You need to wait several days for number to be displayed on tracking websites. Only if after several (5-7 days) tracking number is still not available, you can ask seller about your order.[/box]

And that’s it. The postman will bring parcel directly to you, or will leave you notice, that your delivery is available at your local post office. You can now enjoy your new phone, dress or tools that came directly from China. In rare cases, however, instead of shipping, the postman will leave you notice about with customs declarations for duty tax payment. What to do then? It’s also very easy, and we described this  in the next article – how to pay customs duty tax for your Aliexpress delivery.

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