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Natural Dried Flowers And Plants From Aliexpress

Dried flowers are a romantic accent, beautiful and at the same time sentimental decoration. We can dry the flowers ourselves by inserting rose petals between paper or a book. We can also buy ready-made natural decorations from dried flowers on Aliexpress and enjoy their beauty.

Dried flowers are a nice decoration, an ornament that we can use to embellish the apartment. They are also well-suited for decorations and decorations for parties, weddings or birthdays.

Let us allow ourselves a bit of sentimentality and let us introduce romantic arrangements of dried plants to our homes today. You will be surprised to see how nicely dried plants look and what we can use them for.

Dried lavender can be used for aromatherapy, dried rose and other plants to create potpourri. Compose your own potpourri using the ready plants and flowers purchased on Aliexpress. Dried rose petals use to create beautiful albums and bookmarks.

Feel the romantic soul in you. Use dried flowers in compositions and decorations. See how your apartment will change for the better, and you will regain full harmony. Aliexpress has interesting proposals for dried herbs and plants, flowers and leaves. Some of them are dyed, while others retain a natural look. Decide whether you prefer ecological or modern decorations. Bet on quality, simplicity and classics. Trust your aesthetics and fall in love with dried flowers.

Natural Dried Flowers And Plants From Aliexpress

aliexpress dried grass

Dried Grasses. Beautifully dried long reeds in different colors. Plants are colored but retain their natural appearance. They are suitable for flower arrangements, bouquets and vases. 50 pieces of decorative reed cost $ 5.34.

aliexpress dried cotton

Dried Cotton Cotton Head. White natural cotton can be used to create bouquets of dried flowers, Christmas wreaths, etc. Cotton heads are fluffy, white and simply beautiful. 5 pieces of dried cotton costs $ 1.

aliexpress rattan wreath

Wreath made of rattan. A natural rattan wreath available in several sizes. Rattan is a natural plant, from which traditional baskets, furniture and decorations as well as wedding wreaths are weaved. You can buy rattan wreaths on Aliexpress. The price is $ 1.31 for a small wreath and $ 3.30 for a large wreath.

Aliexpress dried flowers

Aliexpress Dried Flowers. Pressed dried flowers can be used to decorate candles, lampshades, albums, walls, wedding invitations, soaps, etc. They are an excellent decoupage decoration. As well as use ter flowers in scarpbooking, DIY techniques. With these small flowers you can decorate greeting cards, decorate the house, create beautiful jewelry and decorate your phone case. The price for 30 pieces of dried flowers is $ 1.71.

aliexpress cotton twig

Cotton Branch Aliexpress. Decorate with this cotton twig your apartment and enjoy the romantic atmosphere. The twig is made of cotton flowers and a wire wrapped in a brown, rustic floral tape, so you can easily transform any stem to get the optimal look according to your preferences. Cotton branches are handmade. 1 item costs $ 2.16.

Aliexpress dried leaves

dried leaves from Aliexpress. Dried leaves in various colors. You will use them to create jewelry, to make earrings, hair ornaments. The leaves are suitable for creating scrapbooking albums, scrapbooking, decorating candles and all DIY works. Price for 40 pieces of natural dried leaves in various colors is $ 1.78.

aliexpress pine cones

Natural pine cones. Try natural decorations straight from the forest. Forest cones are a traditional autumn and Christmas decoration. See how many beautiful decorations you make of them. The price for 30 pieces of cones is $1.29.

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