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Top Nail Polish, Stickers & Decals on Aliexpress

There’s not a better place to buy products like nail decals, glitter, trasnfers and tools like Aliexpress. With awesome prices, wide array of nail products and cool and cute designs with free shipping worldwide to US or Europe, this online store from China should be your number 1 destination when buying this stuff. Prices start for literally few cents, and you can find everything that you need whether you are professional stylist or just a gal that wants to look glamourous? Here’s our recomendation that will help you choose from popular and tried nail stuff. You won’t be disappointed!

Belen Nail Polish

belen nail polish

This stuff is exceptionally good, with vibrant colours to choose from, interesting texture and high durability. You can choose from more than 40 colours, and on top of that it’s only $o.99 per bottle. This is most popular Aliexpress polish, picked already by more than 5000 gals and it’s hard to wonder why!

Nude Nail Polish

nude nail polish

This is nude nail polish and you can compare it to “nude” bras, that have skin colour. This translucent polish makes your nail gleam and gives a natural and gorgeous look. Perfect choice when you take care about your nails, but don’t want to look too flashy with bright, strong colours. You can wear it everyday or to work. It has jelly structure, which makes it very fast and easy to use, so it’s also perfect when you’re in a hurry and want to look great with minimal effort!

Rocooart Water Transfers for Nails

nail transfers

This beautiful nail transfers can change nails into real work of art. Compose your own floral pattern and finish with transparent nail polish to protect it. On top of that, they are very cheap, with just $0,50 per pack, so you can buy a lot of this transfers for just a few bucks! This is most popular nail product on Aliexpress, with more than 40 000 sold. You won’t find it anywhere else at such great price!

Nail Rhinestones

nail rhinestones

Decorate your nails with these rhinestones. They are very easy to apply, because they have flat bottom. You can also use it to decorate your various items, cell phone’s case, as a body art item, etc. You can get 2000 multi-coloured pieces for just $1.16. Great offer and of course with free shipping worldwide!

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