Interesting Computer Accessories on Aliexpress

Let’s take a look at the interesting range of computer equipment on Aliexpress. If you run a small office, you are an accountant or you just play a lot on computers, you certainly know how quickly computer equipment is used. Convince yourself, then, how much reliable mice, a large USB memory stick or iPod cases bought on Aliexpress are enough for playing best hentai games. The offer is wide and the price may surprise you. We present the latest proposals of computer articles.

Interesting Computer Accessories on Aliexpress

Case for iPad Apple 2, 3, 4.– Smart high quality, brand new
– Designed especially for iPad 2, 3, 4.
– Soft TPU lower case, ideally suited
– Smart case: Wake / Sleep function
– Easy to put up.
– Light weight, elegant design
– The unique design allows easy access to all components, controls and ports without removing the case
– Many colors to choose from
– This case only fits iPad 2, 3, 4, A1460, A1459, A1458, A1416, A1430, A1403, A1395, A1396, A1397. Check the model before ordering
– The price is $ 8.58

Wireless Optical Mouse.The wireless mouse is connected via a USB receiver.
– Powered by 2 AAA batteries, low power consumption. (batteries are not included)
– For 2.4 GHz wireless transmission, the operating range is up to 10 meters (32.9 feet).
– Ergonomic shape, comfortable grip and comfort of use.
– With high quality, decent and modern design.
– Compact and lightweight USB receiver can be placed on the back of the mouse, easy to carry.
– A perfect companion for laptops for home and office use.
– The price is $ 2.65.

Designer Optical gaming mouse.– Portable and lightweight, very convenient for carrying and storing
– Ergonomic design, makes the long and fierce game will not be tiring
– Sensitive buttons, long life, over 5 million clicks
– Suitable for game enthusiasts and long-time IT specialists
– Compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac iOS or the newest operating systems
– Size: approx. 120x61x23mm
– Optical resolution: 1200DPI
– The price of $ 1.50

Cooling pad for Laptop.– The pad can be folded, does not take up space,
– Prevents slipping and effectively protects your laptop from scratches
– Classic shape, large fan volume
– Supplied on USB
– Extremely durable pad construction
– Your laptop can breathe freely
– The price is $ 4.07

Dust filter for PC computer.The dust filter fan is made of a very thin mesh that effectively blocks the ingress of dust. The price for three pieces is $ 8.88  and $ 10.88 for larger filters.

Processor cooling past.Useful and professional paste for IT specialists, programmers and computer technicians. Its cost on Aliexpress is only $ 7.98 for 1 gram.

USB memory. Pendrive for iPhona.Practical pendrive for iPhone. In addition to the functionality, it combines a nice design and is available in four colors. For a 64GB pen drive we will pay $ 19.19, shipment is free.

Network cable tester on Aliexpress
– Multifunctional handy tool for testing cables. It is widely used with reinforced cable types and many functions.
– It is an indispensable testing tool for telecommunications engineering, electrical engineering and network maintenance.
– Easy and quick locating the breakpoint without opening the wire cover.
– The price is $ 21.90

rozdzielacz HDMI aliexpress

HDMI splitter for two TV sets.  Tou can buy this ultra-reliable HDMI splitter for $ 19.79. It will be useful in every household.

wentylator do macbooka aliexpress

A Macbook fan. A well-working cooling fan for Macbook. It costs $ 4.69 or 17.40 PLN. The fan is compatible with the following models:

MC503LL/A MC504LL/A MC905LL/A Late 2010

MC965LL/A MC966LL/A MD226LL/A Mid 2011

MD231LL/A MD232LL/A Mid 2012

MD760LL/A MD761LL/A Mid 2013

MD760LL/B MD761LL/B Early 2014

MJVE2LL/A MJVG2LL/A Early 2015

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