Guitar Parts and Accessories On Aliexpress

Do you play the guitar and you need guitar parts? Or maybe you are looking for accessories for your guitar? You’ve come to the right place because Aliexpress has a huge range of parts and accessories for guitars and musical instruments.

Forget about stationary music stores. Now you have everything in one place and easily buy what you need on Aliexpress. The promotional prices of guitar accessories mean that you can buy a few items right away without straining your wallet.

Do not overpay for accessories for musical instruments. Play a successful concert, refresh your guitar, learn to play the instrument using the equipment and parts available on Aliexpress. You will be surprised by the wide range, low prices and high quality. If you like to play the guitar or just learn, then you will appreciate how important a well-tuned instrument is. You certainly know that the quality of the game depends largely on the equipment you have. Check out the most popular guitar parts and guitar accessories on Aliexpress. Buy now!

Guitar Parts And Musical Accessories On Aliexpress

capo for the guitar aliexpress

Guitar CAPO. New plastic capo for the guitar, there are 3 color options to choose from. Capo is used to tune the guitar, it is the basic instrument for every guitarist. High strength of the capodastic spring ensures strong and long-lasting fixing. Capo is light and guarantees fast closure with one hand. The price is on Aliexpress $ 0.91.

guitar claw on the  thumb aliexpress

Guitar clutch on the thumb aliexpress . Thumb’s thumb was made of durable plastic celluloid material. Provides the guitarist with a warm tonal response and control over the instrument. This claw is suitable not only for the guitar but can also be used on any other stringed instrument. You can choose different colors. The price of a guitar clutch on Aliexpress is $ 1 0.20.

guitar covers on the fingers  aliexpress

The finger Picks. These practical pads will protect your fingers while playing the guitar. With their help you will be able to control the volume. Finger Pisks are suitable for both electric and classic guitar. They will provide you with a comfortable game for many hours and at the same time will protect your skin and nails during a long game. The picks were made of metal. 4 pieces of overlays cost $ 3.46.

guitar hanger aliexpress

A guitar hanger. This is a guitar holder for wall mounting. The holder is easy to assemble, durable and robust. Suitable for acoustic and electronic guitar as well as for all stringed instruments. With this hanger you will display your guitar and hang it on the wall. The hanger is covered with a soft sponge, it will not destroy your instrument. Give your guitar the right place on the wall. The price of this popular hanger on Aliexpress is only $ 1.61.

strings for  electric guitar aliexpress

Strings For Electric Guitar Aliexpress. These are original strings for ORPHEE-RX electric guitar, series: RX15, RX17, RX19. The strings are durable and do not break. They are made of carbon steel and are covered with a 10% nickel alloy wire. These exceptionally solid strings will give you hours of solid music. Play the guitar and see for good quality strings bought on Aliexpress. Price per piece is $ 1.40.

strings for acoustic guitar aliexpress

Strings For Acoustic Guitars. Buy on Aliexpress strings for your guitar and see how strong they are. The strings are made of high-carbon steel, are tight, tight enough and give excellent resonance. The strings give a distinct color. The set includes 6 strings in circles in the original packaging. Model: TX620 / TX630 / TX640. The price is $ 1.40.

guitar sticker aliexpress

Stickers For the guitar. They are nice and colorful stickers on the guitar’s fingerboard. Stickers are designed to learn the game. The stickers are waterproof and easy to use. Playing guitar and learning to play the guitar will be a pleasure for you. Price of stickers is $ 0.20.

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