German items from China on Aliexpress

Chinese will manufacture everything and they know how to earn money. So it should not be surprise, that they are also producing various national products and selling it worldwide. Here are some interesting curiosities that I found on Aliexpress while searching for German items, available as usual with free shipping.

„Wehrmacht” building blocks compatible with Lego

rommel building blocks

This Lego Rommel is ready to conquer some oilfields. Available in various sets for $9,5 to $13, including soldiers with panzerfausts, mortars and many more. Box says that it is suitable for 5-12 years, I am not so sure if kids should play with Afrika Korps Legos though 🙂

German gold bullion

reichsbanks gold

Do you want some “original” Reichsbank gold? Because the Chinese have it! Only $7,59 per 2 bars, and they are supposed to be gold plated, I wouldn’t bet on this though.

“Original” 1932 5 Mark Goethe Coin

goethe coin chinese

And if Reich’s gold bars aren’t sufficient for you, you can buy some “real” 5 Mark Goethe Coin from 1932. Excellent reviews for this one. I wonder how many of those went to eBay as “grandpas collection”?

1894 5 Mark coin

5 mark chinese german

How about this XIX-century 5 Mark with count Von Baden? Chinese also have it and they can sell it to you $2,50 – in any amounts you want.

“Deutschland” T-Shirt

deutschland t-shirt

Manufactured in China of course. Available in different colours. About $18 for a piece.

Karl-Gerät mortar as a jigsaw puzzle

karl gerat jigsaw

Karl-Gerät was largest self proppeled mortar ever built, firing 2-tonne shells and produced by Rheinmetall. Thanks to Chinese, you can buy it now as a 3D metal jigsaw puzzle, assemble and put it on your desk. Available in gold or silver colour in 1:400 scale for just $12. Perfect gift for kids playing too much Battlefield!

Oettinger beer poster

oettinger beer decoration chinese

If you want to decorate your traditional Bavarian beer hall, Chinese have perfect stuff for you. This metal sign is 35×35 cm and is available in many more German beer brand names. About $20 with free shipping of course.

“Iron Cross” medal

iron cross medal china

Chinese have even this high military order on sale. So if you want to reenact some Prussian officer from Bismarck era, you gotta have this Eisernes Kreuz. Only $16,99 and it comes with a box, so you can officially award it to your best friend!

German flag

german flag china

And of course, since Aliexpress is Chinese store, German flag shouldn’t be missing in this list. Only $3,55 and even cheaper if you buy at least 5 of those.

“Army” t-shirt

army german tshirt

Do you want to look as fashionable as this Chinese man? You got to wear this German “army” t-shirt than. Slim fit and available in sizes M-XXL for about $10.

Chinese Lederhosen

chinese lederhosen

When it comes to Germans, there’s nothing more iconic than classical Bavarian Oktoberfest costume. Chinese have it ready made, so you can just pick your size and wear it to party. Only $18,77 and as buyer from Spain commented: “Gorgeous!! the COSTUME nicely, very nice seller. recomiendo al 100%”.