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Donald Trump „MAGA” hats are Made in China

„Make America Great Again”? More like „Make China Earn Again”. Donald Trump claims that he wants to protect American jobs, and yet his gear is actually manufactured in China. It’s obvious that manufacturing costs for t-shirts or baseball caps are much lower there than in US, so we should not be surprised – that is how business is conducted. You can easily buy it on Aliexpress, where they are produced, with free shipping from China worldwide. Since there is election time now, we reviewed some nice Trump gear and other political related gadgets, which you can buy for just a few dollars.

“Make America Great Again” Baseball Cap

maga trump baseball cap

Classic, red version

black trump hat

Also available in black

It‘s made from high quality, sturdy material and is available in one, universal size (about 58-60 cm in diameter). There are several versions available, white, black and classic red for all who wants to instill greatness in America. It’s only $6.68 and as with most products on Aliexpress, it is available with free shipping to US. But there are orders from other countries too, like Iceland, New Zealand and Israel, so it seems like Trump has followers there too.

transaction history trump

Donald Trump Mask

donald trump mask

Why not become a Trump then? Whether you are a supporter or opponent of this presidential candidate, you can wear a Donald mask to a rally. Only $16 USD, and it has great reviews. Available in two “variants” – tanned and non-tanned Trump.

chinese donald trump

Have some Chinese “tanned” Trump (pic from Aliexpress)

MAGA flag

maga flag trump

You will definitely make America great again with this flag Made in China. It’s quite big and has metal holes for easy attachment. Bought by people from Netherlands, Japan and of course US. $8.88 with free shipping.

“Voting for Trump” t-shirt

voting trump tshirt

How about this t-shirt for all deep thinkers? $20 USD and it comes in large variety of sizes to choose. By “large”  I mean from S to XXXL, so even heaviest Trump supporter can wear it and think deeply about his political choices. One Canadian review it as: “I bought this as a gift for a friend & they love it”, another Swede said that it is: „Perfect. Just as ordered. Fast shipping”.

That was some political Trump gear, available on Aliexpress and manufactured in China. You can also find more Trump gadgets on Aliexpress, and it seems like they are popular, both in America and in other countries too. You can order it with free worldwide shipping and support Chi…, erm,  America too!