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Seductive false eyelashes, whitening toothbrush made of natural bamboo or rejuvenating collagen flakes to the eyes? You do not have to wonder what to choose, because on Aliexpress you can buy everything at once without overpaying either for the goods or for shipping. Take care of yourself and try the latest beauty and beauty news from the most famous Chinese shopping portal.

Accessories for Beauty and Cosmetics on Aliexpress

Laser for removing discoloration on the skin and tattoos.
This small laser will help to remove unpleasant discolorations such as fine freckles and warts. It is also suitable for removing tattoos. The device costs $ 20.93.


Ecological toothbrush made of bamboo wood.
This nicely made toothbrush will not only clean your teeth but will also make the bathroom decor more ecological and minimalist. The toothbrush is environmentally friendly, 100% biodegradable. It is worth remembering that bamboo is naturally antibacterial, antifungal and antibacterial. The brush head is made of charred wood, which is known for accelerating whitening. The price is $ 1.48  with a free shipping.


AliExpress – collagen flakes for eyes.Collagen flakes have anti-wrinkle, relaxing and firming effect. First of all, they reduce dark circles and puffiness under the eyes, making the skin more clear and rested. For 16 pieces of cereal we will pay $ 1.87.

AliExpress – False Eyelashes.5 artificial eyelashes that can easily be put on. They are suitable for a party, they will emphasize the beautiful expression of your eyes. The price for the set is only $ 0.71.

AliExpress – Waterproof 3D tattoos.Let yourself be a little crazy about a nice tattoo at a party. Dreamcatcher, moon, kitten heart or feather – it’s up to you how you decorate your arm. You will certainly attract curious glances. The price is $ 0.30. Tattoo can also be used in the decoupage technique to decorate ceramics or glass surfaces.

AliExpress – Vibrating Facial Cleansing Brush – BESTSELLERA face-cleaning toothbrush emits a pleasant vibration and is made of hygienic silicone. This mini classic facial cleaning brush is the latest version that appeared on Aliexpress. Represents an ultrasonic brush for face cleaning. The toothbrush improves blood circulation and facial cell activity. Your skin will definitely become more shiny and flexible. The price is $ 8.38. The shipping from Aliexpress is free.


AliExpress – Natural Essential Oils 100%These essential essential oils have a relaxing effect, restore mental balance and smell beautifully. The price is $ 4.09. There are many ways to use RAINBOW ABBY Essential Oils, including:

* Oil burners – One of the most popular ways is to use them with an oil burner. Adding a few drops to the oil burner will create a lasting, beautiful aroma, you can also mix oils to create your own fragrance.
* Bath – The addition of a few drops of bath oils creates a heavenly, natural and pure aroma.
* Massage – face massage and body massage. Our oils are strong, so do not use them directly on the skin. Addition of a few drops to carrier oils (such as grape seed oil).
* The oil can be mixed with a body balm or skin cream and used for whole body care.
* Create your own essential oil – Many of you like to create your own soaps, candles and cosmetics, and these oils are perfect for that.

AliExpress – LipstickThe liquid lipstick and the practical application brush will fit in every ladies purse. For this we have a huge selection of colors such as candy red bean, apricot fleshy, or subdued ashen. The price for one lipstick is only $ 1.05.

AliExpress – facial trimmerWith the help of this small shaver, you will remove unwanted hair from the face, nose or ears. The device price is $ 1.34.

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