Communist Gadgets and Souvenirs On Aliexpress

Aliexpress is the largest Chinese online store. Serves clients from around the world. On Aliexpress, we can find niche souvenirs, replicas of weapons, stylized gadgets for antique, old times, including communist watches with Sickle and Hammer, red star shaped pins.

If you are a collector of communist souvenirs, you will surely find something for yourself. And if you are looking for exhibits reflecting the spirit of the era, which you can use for a cosplay outfit or a performance, then you’ve also come to the right place. On Aliexpress you can buy copies with known socialist motifs. Gadgets are available at a low price. Complete your collection with new exhibits and see how many interesting and niche things stylized for communist artifacts can be found on Aliexpress.

You do not have to go to the flea market or garage sales to find something interesting. Unique items, socialist gadgets, posters, themes with the USSR mark are available on Aliexpress at an affordable price.

History enthusiasts, reconstructors and people looking for interesting commemorative memorabilia will be satisfied. The wide range of Aliexpress allows you to buy these unusual items for a low price. Learn more about the history of the twentieth century, check the offer in the Aliexpress store and buy something special. We present the most popular gadgets and souvenirs from the communist era. Let’s review the most interesting souvenirs and souvenirs from the socialist era.

Communist Gadgets and Souvenirs On Aliexpress

soviet watch sickle and hammer aliexpress

Watch on Chain Sickle and Hammer. Pocket watch on a chain is an attractive souvenir for people collecting gadgets from the USSR. A nicely made, inexpensive watch will be a perfect complement to your collection. The stylish pocket watch reflects the character and design popular in the former Soviet countries. The price of this inexpensive gadget is $ 3.30.

red star button aliexpress

Buttons Red Star. The Red Star is the symbol of the Soviet Union. The button is small, red, with the Sickle Emblem and Hammer. It is a perfect complement to a cosplay outfit, an exhibit for collectors of communist gadgets. The price of this pin is $ 0.87.

soviet propaganda poster aliexpress

Soviet Propaganda Poster. Communism was characterized by great propaganda. Propaganda posters with slogans have become an inseparable element of reality. On Aliexpress you can buy copies of former propaganda posters from the USSR times. A large selection of posters with socialist slogans calling for class struggle and hard work for the benefit of society. Find out how it used to be. The price for one piece of the poster is $ 1.61.

sickle and hammer sticker aliexpress

Sticker Sickle and Hammer. You can buy Sickle and Hammer or this communist symbol in the form of a sticker. It is a medium-sized sticker made of high quality materials. The sticker costs $ 0.35.

communist flag lenin stalin aliexpress

Communist Flag. Communist flag with the image of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin. The flag was made of polyester. It is resistant to dirt. The cost of this flag depends on the size. We will pay $ 7.80 for the flag size 144 × 96 cm.

communist t-shirt aliexpress

T-shirt with communist motif Vostok. T-shirt with the space program of the Soviet Union. If something is saying to you by Łajka and Kosmodrom, this shirt will not escape your attention. On the T-shirt there is the motif of Soviet spacecraft Vostok 3 and Vostok 4, which flown in August 1962. The price of a M-size T-shirt is $ 12.63.

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