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Best Paper Lanterns From Aliexpress

Lanterns are the most beautiful decoration of any celebration. Use paper lanterns to decorate and conjure up an amazing atmosphere with them.

Lanterns for a wedding or those that we play in the sky are beautiful, moody and sentimental. They can not be missed during any ceremony, especially in the summer when they shine beautifully against the setting sun. See a huge selection of Chinese lanterns and choose the ones you need.

On Aliexpress you can buy unique lanterns for every occasion. Decorate with these fantastic lanterns space and see how the mood can create lanterns.

If you are planning a wedding, birthday or other important ceremony, buy lanterns and guests will be delighted. With these simple ornaments, you can create an atmosphere like a dreamland, a magical climate like the land of fantasy. Try out the unique lanterns from Aliexpress and do not overpay in stationary stores.

On Aliexpress you have free shipping, a wide selection of lanterns in all colors as well as lanterns in beautiful and classic designs. Try our Aliexpress and buy the best decorations for the party. The interior design has never been so easy and so pleasant.

Paper Lanterns From Aliexpress

aliexpress Chinese lanterns

Chinese Lanterns Party Decor. Chinese lanterns are the best choice of decorations for a party or party. Lanterns perfectly decorate the garden. Allow yourself a little madness and hang Chinese paper lanterns under the ceiling. Lanterns are available in as many as 30 different colors and it is possible to choose different sizes. We will pay $ 1.53  for a 12inch (30cm) lantern. And for a lantern smaller 8inch (20cm) we will pay $ 0.94.

aliexpress wedding lanterns

Wedding Party Lanterns. They are the most frequently chosen lanterns for weddings. They are colorful and available in various sizes: 2,4,6,8inch (5,10,15,20cm). Lanterns are made of ecological paper and available in dozens of colors, from juicy green, through warm oranges to deep purples. For the smallest lantern with a size of 2 inch, we will pay $ 0.30. We will pay $ 1.17  for the largest lantern size of 8 inches.

aliexpress LANTERNS inserts

Cartridges. If you want your lanterns to shine at night, buy these one-time lantern inserts. One pledge contains 50 pieces of LED lights. You can choose from red, green, blue, yellow, multicolor or white. Let the lanterns light up the night sky. Glowing sparks in the night sky is the most beautiful view you can imagine. A set of 50 pieces of LED lamps costs $ 6.04.

aliexpress paper lanterns

Paper Lanterns For Decoration. Make a surprise for the Babyshower party, for the Wedding party or for the Birthday party and decorate the room with beautiful paper lanterns. Give joy to your loved ones, amaze guests and create a special atmosphere. Colorful lanterns are a perfect decoration of walls, ceiling and any space. These eye-catching LAMPIONS look great in any room or hallway. Honeycomb shaped honeycombs are easy to fold and place on the spot. Then they can easily be rolled up and put away for the next party or ceremony. The lanterns were made of non-toxic paper. For the largest lantern we will pay $ 1.20.

traditional paper lanterns

Traditional Paper Lanterns. These traditional lanterns are made of paper and have the shape of balloons. They are beautifully decorated and are suitable especially for birthday parties for children. You can choose from lanterns in colorful stripes, in rainbow and cloud motifs and with hearts. The price for 1 item of a 12-inch lantern is $ 2.02.

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