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Best Hooks, Hangers and Handles From Aliexpress

Aliexpress gives you an amazing choice when it comes to interior accessories. Are you looking for new ideas for the appearance of a wall in the corridor? Or maybe you care about a remarkable and at the same time functional wardrobe? Now you can buy the best hangers and rails on Aliexpress. You can easily attach them to the wall. Your coats and bags will be grateful for nice and practical hooks. A dressing room does not have to be a boring place anymore. Create a real designer wall using accessories purchased on Aliexpress.

You will be surprised by the trendy look of these accessories and their original design. Nobody will believe that you bought them on Aliexpress for funny money. Do not waste time on a trip to Ikea, you will not find better handles. Try the interior decoration accessories from Aliexpress now and enjoy every day with a fashionable wardrobe look.

Do you prefer minimalism, ecology or new retro? Choose for yourself the best hooks and hangers, so that your face becomes a true work of art, not just a boring necessity.

Best Hooks, Hangers and Handles From Aliexpress

1. Bag Hanger

haczyk na torebkę aliexpress

Purse Holder. A reliable hook on which you can hang your purse or mesh. Easy to assemble, made of stainless steel and what is nice. The handle has been decorated with a large glowing crystal. The price for one piece is $ 1.49.

2. Deer Key Hanger

AliExpress alike key hanger

Deer Key hanger. The hanger is available in the most fashionable shades of white, black and gray. It will decorate your hall nicely, and you will finally have a permanent place to put your keys on. Hanger Deer is ideal for corridor, lobby or living room, because it has next to the practical dimension of the decorative qualities. The price for one piece is $ 3.87.

3. Natural Wood Hangers

hangers from natural wood aliexpress

Natural Wood Hangers. Beautiful and elegant hangers made of natural wood are perfect for a wardrobe for a small apartment. They are durable and are mounted to the wall with a screw. The price for one piece of hanger in a natural color with the size M is $ 1.19.

4. Power Cord Holder

aliexpress power cord holder

Wall Holder for Power Cord. If you have a problem with the cables lying on the kitchen counter, this handle is created for you and your kitchen. With it, you can easily deal with the cable from the toaster, blender or kettle. In addition, the handles in the shape of chefs are fun and enliven your kitchen. The price for one piece is only $ 1.91.

5. Clouds Hangers

hanger clouds from aliexpress

Hangers Clouds. The hangers were made of high quality wood. They have a very nice trendy design. They fit in a natural minimalist style straight from Scandinavia. Cloud hangers are extremely elegant and will give expression to any wall on which they will be mounted. Price per item is $ 3.82.

6.  Umbrellas Hooks

hangers umbrellas aliexpress

Umbrellas Hangers. Cute hangers in the shape of umbrellas for easy wall mounting. They have more than one function, we can hang a small object on the handle or simply put it inside the umbrella. The price for 3 pieces is $ 1.29.

7. Hangers for Plant Pots

flower hangers aliexpress

Hangers for Plants. If you dream of a suspended garden, these practical handles made with organic lines are the perfect solution. You can mount them under the ceiling and enjoy the beautiful plants. An exemplary price for a L size hanger is $ 4.37.

7. Hook Cats Aliexpress

hanger cats aliexpress

Hanger Cats. A stylish hallway hanger, you can hang a coat, umbrella or bag on it. It is also suitable for keys. The hanger is really attractive and suits many types of houses. This wall hanger hook is strong enough to cope with coats, towels, bags, keys and other small things. The hanger is hand-painted and has a vintage effect. Prevents corrosion of hooks. It can be easily mounted using nails (included). This wall hook is made of cast iron, extremely beautiful, but durable material that can be used at home. It is solid and can withstand everyday use for a long time. The price is $ 12.19.
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