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Beautiful Sculptures And Figurines From Aliexpress

Decorate your flat with a nice sculpture or stylish figurine. On Aliexpress, you’ll find buddha sculptures, Indian figurines, porcelain figurines, wooden sculptures. Now you can choose from thousands of decorations and give your home a unique style for little money.

The Chinese Aliexpress store has prepared a lot of promotions for you. Check which sculptures you buy at the cheapest price and do not overpay. Impress your friends with the original sculpture, show how stylish and with taste you can decorate your home.

Sculptures and figurines on Aliexpress is an unprecedented opportunity to enrich your collection of decorations. Remember that you have a free delivery from Aliexpress, so do not wait any longer. If you renew the interior and need new accessories, please use the Aliexpress store offer. You will not be disappointed.

Beautiful Sculptures And Figurines From Aliexpress

sculpture of dinosaur skull aliexpress

Sculpture of the Skull of the Dinosaur. The model of the ancient reptile’s skull is a perfect gift for a dinosaur enthusiast. You can use it as a decoration for your room, decoration for Halloween. It also works well as a decoration for an aquarium. It’s a great gift for a collector and hobbyist. The price of the dinosaur’s skull model is $ 11.70.

aliexpress buddha sculpture

Buddha Sculpture From Natural Sandstone. This small Buddha sculpture size: 11 * 7.5 * 5cm / 4.3 * 2.9 * 1.9 Inch / 9 * 6.5 * 5cm / 3.5 × 2.5 × 1.9 Inch will help you walk on the path of truth and wisdom. Find out more about the life of the great Siddhartha Gautama and meditate with this beautiful figurine. A small sculpture will fit in your hands, it is made of natural stone, ecological and 100% handmade. It is suitable not only for decorating a flat or a room, but also for a store, cafe or office. The price for one piece is $ 4.14.

small figurines aliexpress

Figures Little Bunnies. These figures are very small, only 2.5cm / 0.98 “. They were made of synthetic resin. The rabbits are intended to be placed in a dollhouse or as a decoration of a small terrarium. For every lover of small souvenirs, it will be a nice gift. The price for 1 piece of a white rabbit is $ 0.19.

indian buddha figurine aliexpress

Indian Buddha Figurine. A small figurine of a Buddha meddled in meditation was made of ceramics. The figurine comes from India, where Buddhism has been practiced for millennia. The figurine will help you not only in meditation, but will be a perfect decoration on the shelf. The price for 1 piece of this figurine on Aliexpress is $ 5.07.

model of the human skull aliexpress

Model of the Human Skull Aliexpress. This realistic model of the human skull has a big advantage, namely it is very realistic. Therefore, the skull has educational value, it can be successfully used for exercise by medical students. It is also an excellent model for drawing exercises. The model was made in a 1: 1 scale from resin. The skull price is USD 12.75.

wall hanger in the shape of animal aliexpress

Wall hanger in the shape of animals. Small gold hangers on which you can hang small items, watches, jewelry or a purse. It is also a beautiful decoration of your wall. You can choose animals such as: horses, elephants, giraffes, rhinos, elks. We can also buy hangers in black and white. The price of 1 wall hanger is $ 6.92.

Buddha sculpture from wood aliexpress

Wooden Buddha Sculpture. The Buddha’s Wooden Head was made of mahogany. It is a small sculpture with a height of 16 cm. Tathagata will decorate your home wonderfully, as well as help you meditate. If you are interested in the culture of India, meditate and do yoga, you will definitely be interested in this mahogany figurine. The price of the Buddha is $ 1.74.

sculpture of the panther aliexpress

Panther Sculpture From Aliexpress. This geometric sculpture has sizes: 14cm height, 9cm width, 45cm length. We can choose a black or white panther. An abstract sculpture in the modernist style is a perfect decoration of a modern apartment. The price for 1 piece of this sneaky panther is $ 35.69.

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