Artificial Fruits On Aliexpress – Props For Photography

Beautiful waxed fruits from Aliexpress look phenomenal. They are even prettier than the real ones, shiny, firm and in the right shape. Amazing artificial fruits have many uses, among others they are perfect props in photography.

If you’re a professional photographer and looking for props for your studio, you’ve come to the right place. On Aliexpress you will find lots of interesting items from which you can create interesting arrangements and scenography.

Let your imagination run wild and use these beautiful fruits for decoration. Decorate them with a window, kitchen or corridor. It’s great fun when you change the character of your home. Artificial fruits are suitable for decorating shop windows, hotel restaurants, shops, bakeries and bookshops.

Use artificial fruits for birthday decorations, decorations for parties or wedding decorations. The fruits have many uses, they are durable and they do not deteriorate. A perfect decoration for a party. See how the rich offer of artificial food and fruit has an Aliexpress.

Use the Aliexpress promotion today and start shopping in this Chinese store. Shopping from China is easy, pleasant and cheap. Do not overpay in other stores if you do not have to. Reach for interesting and original items that you can find only on Aliexpress.

Artificial Fruits On Aliexpress – Props For Photography

aliexpress artificial grapes

Artificial grapes. Grapes are the most beautiful decoration. Suitable for decorating the buffet and home bar. The dangling bunches of grapes look very nice in the pictures, which is why it is a frequent prop used in photography. Artificial fruits reflect light very well and have intense, vivid colors. The price of one bunch of grapes is $ 1.05.

aliexpress artificial fruit

Artificial Fruits. These artificial brown apples look real. Check other fruits, plastic bananas, avocado, orange, peach, mango or kiwi. Fantastic fruits indistinguishable from the real ones. Compose your own bowl with fruit. You can choose from as many as 24 types of plastic fruit. The price for one piece is $ 0.90.

aliexpress mini fruit with wax

MINI Artificial Fruits. Choose mini fruits for decoration. Among the artificial fruits in the mini version are cherries, bananas, strawberries, apples, pears and lemons. The price for 20 pieces of fruit is $ 1.49.

aliexpress artificial fruit on a stick

Artificial fruit on a stick. Small berries of blueberries and cranberries are placed on a stick. You will use artificial blueberries for home decorations. Artificial fruits were made one hundred percent handmade. They are intended for wedding decorations, making decorations, garlands, and also can be used in scrapbooking. The price for 50 pieces is $ 0.99.

aliexpress artificial blackberries and raspberries

Artificial blackberries and raspberries. Artificial blackberries and raspberries on a long stick, embedded in a crystal shell. These fruits look dazzling, it is hard to believe that they are artificial. The price for 12 pieces is $ 0.98.

aliexpress artificial bananas

Artificial Bananas From Aliexpress. Artificial bananas have an intense color, are shiny and are great for taking pictures. Enjoy the artificial fruit from Aliexpress. The price for one fruit is $ 0.70.

aliexpress artificial apples

Aliexpress Artificial apples. It’s amazing that these apples are artificial. They look alive. Juicy, with a glossy skin. Get ready for artificial fruits and see how great decorations you get from them. The price for one apple is $ 0.64.

aliexpress artificial strawberries

Artificial Strawberries. Strawberries are made of high quality plastic and are available in two sizes: larger and smaller. The price for 3 pieces of strawberries is $ 1.15.

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