Arduino Hobby Electronic Kits on Aliexpress

China is not by accident called “World Factory”, and that’s because most electronics are manufactured there. You can find various high quality electronic kits on Aliexpress, both complete sets or single components, usable in any project. You can also buy Arduiono sets – including boards, single parts, and complete kits, with awesome prices and free shipping. Since Arduino is currently OpenSource, anyone can produce it, and thanks to Aliexpress, you can buyit much cheaper than in normal stores, with free shipping worldwide. This includes also electronic components for as cheap as few dollars per hundreds of resistors. Check following list for some awesome electronic kits bargains on Aliexpress, great for hobbyists and professionals alike.

  • Arduino Breadboard starter kit – Starter kit for Arduino Uno beginners. It contains 400 holes breadboard with resistors, switches, LEDs, buttons and USB Cable, so it has everything that you will need as a starter kit. It doesn’t come with very sturdy packaging, however every components works perfectly and nothing was broken in transit. And it’s only $7,90 including free shipping.

arduino starter

  • Another Arduino UNO R3 Starter – This is another suggestion as a good starter kit, with breadboard and a lot of jumper wires. You could even mix both starters to have more possibilities. Doesn’t have additional components like previous one, but if you have some resistors in your stash, it won’t be necessary. You can buy it with free shipping for only 5,55 USD.

arduino uno r3

  • 3,2’’ LCD screen for Arduino – this great set contains every component necessary to make make any project which requires display, so you can now build your own microcomputers. Whole set is only 13,48 USD, so it’s really cheap for a display kit. You can buy several of these to make various devices or gadgets with screen.

lcd screen arduino

  • RFID Arduino Kit – If you are interested in RFIDs or Radio-Frequency Identification projects, like security and worker cards used in workplaces, ID by through chip for objects or animals, buy this set. It has very large quantity of parts with addition of RFID Module, Key ring and card, which can be written with identification data. Now you can chip your dog with Arduino! On a serious note, this seller A++ Electronics Maker has great selection of other electronics stuff with great prices, and it is a manufacturer, so they even taking special orders. Only 34,30 USD, if you would search for similar kits in Amazon or other online stores with hobby electronics, you would pay at least $150 for it, and even more if you would want to buy all parts individually.

rfid arduino uno set

  • Arduino UNO Restistor Set – Seller advertises this as a „Best resistor kit for Arduino makers” and he might be right. For only $3,74 you’ll get several hundreds of resistors, plus potentiometers and LEDs and that is a lot of components to work with. Great bargain and whatever you are building, this will be useful for any project. You won’t get more diverse resistors set for less than $5.

arduino uno resistor set

Comparing to stores with hobby electronics, especially offline brick-and-mortar ones, you will find a lot of  awesome choice of kits and they are really cheap, because most of electronics are manufactured on China or Taiwan. You can buy lots of parts for just few dollars with great selection. Electronics as a hobby shouldn’t be too costly. You can also find more interesting kits or components – individual parts, robot kits and many more cool devices.